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Repaint the position with real time battle win!

It's a board game where sengoku warlords battle in shogi's board.
Enjoy authentic real time battle with rules that motif of Shogi and easy operation.

- Game introduction and rule explanation
Each piece is placed on the board (7 × 7) with a turn of 10 turns, The one with more positions takes the win.
The battle will start when the opponent and the position overlap after installing the unit.
By defeating the opponent in the battle, it will be the occupation of the position.

- What you need to become strong
Step1:Win the "battle" and league up
Step2:Know unit skills with "deck"
Step3:Increase unit status with "Upgrade"
Step4:Acquire material with "Event"
Step5:Improve the unit's reality with "evolution"

- Recommended for this person!
Those who like warriors' warlords of history and warring States
Those who like board games or turn-based battle
Those who like full-fledged strategic games

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4.1 and up
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Rated for 3+
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10000 - 50000
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Latest Ratings

Chun 4
Nice but too bad can't understand the skill wording.
Emerald 5
I like it. Can't read a word, have no idea if I'm winning or not, but it's fun and entertaining.
Blue 5
Please give more english translation tho, but overall this is one of the best games ive ever played in my opinion haha
Boruto 4
Everything is great but it needs a better English translation
Risdalon 5
Great concept, yet simple but not boring
Chi 3
Nice video game taking shogi as a theme.
James 4
Great to see a Shogi style game where you can tactically dominate the ground to win rather than rely on brute force. Very enjoyable, but really would benefit from some (more) English.
kgolden 5
Fun some of it is not in english but its pretty easy to understand what's going on
Abdil 4
It would be nice if there is more english in the description texts..
Sean 4
Love it. Glad they took an original japanese nintendo64 game and gave it new life. This is what the original game was supposed to be like but better!
Angela 4
Has potential but needs a better English translation ASAP

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