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Watch and manage CenturyLink Prism™ TV on your favorite mobile device.
• The Prism TV app allows you to watch live TV on your mobile device, in and out of your home.
• Watch Live TV from many popular channels.
• Stream popular shows from the Prism TV On Demand library.
• Control your settop box from your mobile app when in the home (*Customer must be in home to use remote control functionality).
• Easily View and Search TV Listings for All Channels.
• Manage and schedule recordings on your DVR (Whole Home DVR subscription required).
• Set parental controls, so you can enjoy your content with privacy and peace of mind.
• Post to Facebook, access Twitter or send an email to let your friends know what you’re watching.
• Helpful FAQs and troubleshooting steps.
• Prism TV app is included in Prism TV subscriptions.
• Requirements:
• Android phone or tablet with Android 2.3 or higher and minimum resources of a 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of memory.
• Prism video service and a subscription to one or more eligible channels.
• email address and password.

Support Resources:
• Create or retrieve CenturyLink user credentials at
• Technical Support Resources: Prism help at
NOTE: Currently CenturyLink does not have rights to all shows available on mobile devices. CenturyLink is adding shows routinely as access becomes available from our content providers.

CenturyLink Prism service may not be available everywhere. Prism TV app may not be available with all mobile operating systems. Terms and conditions apply. Contact CenturyLink for details.

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4.0.3 and up
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Latest Ratings

Gregory 1
Very slow to load and almost useless It takes several minutes to load When it does the user interface is horrible (only a bit better than the on demand interface on the TV). Fix the app or remove it. It only makes you look bad when you are a content provider that cannot provide.
tdr170 2
It could be better First the app constantly fails to update live content when starting app. After a few minutes the content will show, usually after clicking a different menu item then going back. Many shows are only available on home network and this kind of defeats the purpose of the app, as the only time I would really use it is when traveling and want to keep up with my shows. The shows page shows tiles of the show but many are not labeled so no idea what the show is unless you click on it, you can see this in the first image look at the 4th row image 2 and 4. The networks page only has 25 this needs updating as way to many not listed. One update that I would like to see is the ability to control TV channels from the guide not just the remote page. When these are updated and fixed I will rate higher.
Joseph 2
Slow and confusing This application does what it says it will do but it experiences long delays loading channel content repeatedly. It would be improved if content were loaded once and updated with changes intermittently and as a background activity. Also, the icons are confusing and the app doesn't tell what the icons mean.
Mike 1
One star is one too many. Just switched over from Comcast. Enjoy the TV experience, but Comcast has a much, much better app (I can't believe I'm praising Comcast for anything). It's buggy, confusing, doesn't work half the time, and generally unusable. Honestly they'd be better off with no app at all. I'm embarrassed for them. I just wish they were embarrassed enough to do something about it.
Greg 1
Completely Worthless!!! Won't refresh content. Finding an upcoming tv program that I'd like to set to record remotely from phone app is practically impossible.
BJ 1
Doesn't work at all It's amazing to me that this app receives updates from time to time yet it still has not been functional since the redesign in winter 2015. It literally will not load any of the listings.
wylie 1
Home Network Can't get home network to show live television, it shows the live content and able to control the receiver but unable to view content. Says I'm not on home network ... ?
Heath 1
Horrible Won't recognize that I'm on home network. Errors and fails on load and channel refresh. Worthless.
jody 1
Nothing effing works That's right . NOTHING about this app works. It won't even open. I hate centurylink.
Dominic 1
Prism TV app Hard to navigate. Always crashes. Failed to update the tv listings at all the time. Useless. If you are looking for frustration, look no further. They really nail it.
Kinsey 1
Super slow This app runs terribly slow and even when the app was closed made my phone run slow. Also episodes are not updated on a weekly basis but every 2 weeks which is stupid for how much you have to pay. Ultimately would not recommend.

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