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Classic action dungeon crawler with arcade hack and slash feeling

You are looking for a "Action Role Playing Game" ?
Well, Heretic Gods – Ragnarok is simply the best game for Android if you are ravenous for Epic Loot, mastering skills and to butcher through hordes of monsters in dark dungeons.

Heretic Gods – Ragnarok is an ARPG in which players can enter a dark world, full of dungeons and monsters, set in the land of the Viking Myths. Your objective will be to enter the depths of a cursed abbey to banish the heretical gods.

The control system of Heretic Gods – Ragnarok is intuitive and is very well adapted to tactile devices. With the virtual crossbar on the left of the screen you can move your character, while with the buttons on the right you can attack and use skills. With just pressing the attack buttons, your hero will automatically target the nearest enemy.

The dungeons of Heretic Gods – Ragnarok are generated randomly, so you will never play twice in the same scenario. That said, many levels are very similar to each other, with different variations in architecture and especially in the variation of enemies. The more levels you raise, the deeper you dive into new dungeons with stronger enemies to fight.

A very important aspect of Heretic Gods – Ragnarok is the loot. You can find and equip hundreds and hundreds of different objects, including axes, helmets, gloves, boots, armor, shields, bows, swords, rings, and so on. In the village, in addition, we can trade with its inhabitants or even craft your own items.

Heretic Gods – Ragnarok manages to successfully adapt the formula of popular roleplaying games to tactile devices. For this, it not only offers an accessible control system, but also some levels with a relatively short duration, which we can finish in a few minutes perfectly styled for mobile gaming.

• random generated dungeons
• shape up different characterbuilds out of 75+ skills
• adjustable graphic settings for best performance even on old hardware
• innovative auto targeting system
• optional auto fight system
• infinite random generated magic items
• hundreds of unique items and set items
• fully playable for free
• 3 difficulties
• ongoing updates for even more game-content

HereticGods grants full playability now and will be upgraded through updates.
future updates will include more:
• unique items
• set items
• enemies
• boss enemies
• quests
• skills
• game environments

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4.1 and up
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5000 - 10000
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maurice 1
good game, I purchased VIP. but then I died and can't respawns suddenly. and when i close and restart the game, my character has been deleted and I have to create a new character again. please fix it. IGN: Maui15.. Please fix the bugs like this, this will make the game worse. . .
Tyler 4
Fun game but can't get past the 2nd difficulty because my game always crashes and it results in my character being erased. When they fix some of the bugs this will be really great!
Makara 4
Nice game but pls add a unique storylin
Mez 5
Need a new map and a new set of gears. Awesome game! Keep up the update!
Tukis 5
well, of course i give 5 stars for progress in dev.. I like to request few things (from personal "fell in game" side): 1.when creating character to choose for head/body options and as well female character. 2. Add critical damage 3. update character "stats" screen 4. add to health bars (numbers) 5. very important when walk/run.. for example where is finger pad center, so from center character walk slow, and when you move finger more away from pad center, when speed is increasing. 6. And, where is first Epic boss, remove that poison becouse people leaving game after they die so quick.. 7. Also rename maybie thease classes to more understanding. Rename to (Melle / Range / Magic). 8. Update abit Ui for that screen. 9. i just come back to edit my comment. I hate then i finish the floor (kill the epic, etc), and Wooho i get epic bow. , but okey onkt 3 monsters left - bam poisons = dead, 0 lloot. Delete game, thats it
Green 4
Nice game. But easy get boring. Sounds effects weird and annoying, too much noise. Character information simple not enough. Level up point not effective just putting in for equipment required. Poison attack need fix, too strong.
Jefgenij 5
A very similar diablo style game that I really like very much! I hope so that this game not will be pay2win. Add option to select class before entering game and add more classes. Well done developers i wish you all the best.
seed 5
I fell in love with this game after 5 minutes of playing it, really reminds me of diablo, addictive and fun but the only issue i have is that looting is weird and while you are looting you can get killed by enemies, beautiful and addictive game, good luck in development and i hope you will update it and wont just leave it
Omda 5
WOW Love it... I just finished the Atrium mode very nice game But please open these Options : -Open more than 20 Stages -improve the Skills with dual Daggers for Rogue -Open Reset Skill and Status Points -Make a stage selection { Coz sometimes i press continue to the next Stage and i forget to repeat the stage to make my character stronger that makes me stuck with strong Bosses }
Patrick 1
The stupidity of repeating the game after it crashes and deletes the data of the character is laughable. It also needs to restore the soulpoints earned from ADS. When you repeat the game due to the flaws of your save mechanism, players should not suffer through your ads again just to unlock the levels they already had because you can't program it right. Boo. If I can rate it less than 1 star I would, worst early access experience ever.
Mark 4
Please make looting easier. Overall it's a great game.


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