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Lethe is a theatrical music game designed with beautifully artistic scenes

Game Introduction
"This game has the best artistic quality and effects
I've ever seen."- Japanese music master Onoken.
"A brand new game experience. It will change music games forever!"- Taiwan's top musician Vanros Kloud.
Lethe is a theatrical music game designed with beautifully artistic scenes, sand painting scrolls, and high quality music. Players can discover the lost memories of the "Lethe" continent by gathering elven energy and solving puzzles. The pictorial operations help you release the mysteries and riddles that bind and separate Taya and Omari.
Game Features
Brand new gameplay where you open a musical scroll and dive into a unique world of magic and sound. As you journey through this world, more and more music will be unlocked and an immersive world of adventure will open up to be discovered.
Play to the tunes of original musicians from around the world, such as Onoken, Vanros Kloud, Sakuzyo, and celebrated newcomer Kage.
Rise above traditional visual experiences through a perfectly developed Unity 3D integrated game system.
Grants you a real sense of music performance. Every scene of this game is hand painted and fuelled by the mystical power of music and emotion.
You will become immersed in an epic fantasy drama set in the style of a timeless fairy tale.
Indieplay Best Music Sound Effects
Jinyuan Best Music Sound Effects
Jinyuan Best Art Design
CGDA Best Mobile Game Design & Innovation Award
TIGA Best Game Nominations
Very Big Indie Pitch - The Fourth Best Game (The only Asian product nominated)
IMGA Highest Award Nomination
IMGA Most Anticipated Game Award
IMGA Best Audio Award
Taipei Game Show Best Art Award

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Android Version
4.0.3 and up
Content Rating
Installs (Google)
50000 - 100000
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Latest Ratings

HD 5
In love with this game, I noticed a newer chapter that will be coming out this month so I pre-ordered, saw an update and updated the app, but oddly the pre order option disappeared and I lost 2 songs that I've already unlocked and no chapter 2. Please fix this! [UPDATE] Thankfully the song issues are fixed and everything seems normal, though the promised chapter hasn't been released yet and there's no contact button for help 😭...
Ms 4
Please add setting options to turn on/off in-game background animation, the animation is great to watch, but is also really annoying sometime. I look forward to your releasing a game artbook. The art is amazing but I couldn't find the artists' online portfolio or gallary, what a shame.
Telur 3
The thing is... I would like to buy it...but for the whole version... I love the graphic and the gameplay. Also I love the songs. However, it would please me more if you just put a 'buy the whole chapter' button instead of locking some songs. It's easier
Avarice 5
This is art. I can't describe how beautiful this game is. The animations, the music, the illustrations, and the story. All of them are just so beautifully made. However, synching data does not work at all, and I wish the buttons were a little bit bigger.
Ryan 5
Being a huge fan of Lost in Harmony this is right up my street. Original, beautiful and quite moving at points. If you like the free levels don't think twice about buying the extra ones, they're well worth it.
Beautiful game. Very similar to osu! But the graphics distract a lot from the notes popping up.
Arthur 5
It's a really interesting game and I really liked it, I enjoy that the background is a part of the gameplay and I'm enjoying it so far. There are some problems or so but I think it will further develop, and I hope it those.
Rui 5
This game just awesome it deserve more than 5 stars..
Dark 5
The graphics are amazing and gameplay and music are very beautiful.
emran 5
Beautiful game. Eventually not free to play.
Elise 3
I really love the music, and the gameplay is easy to follow. I love the story as well, I wish to know more about Taya and the prince, and I hope there will be the continuation soon! [Edit] 17/07/2017 I was looking forward for the new act coming this month and preordered it ever since I installed it! However, after the latest update I lost two songs from chapter "Destruction" and "Cheerful Banquet". I bought the "Destruction" part because I thought it was just one song, but knowing that one other song is also gone and has to be purchased, I find it a bit outrageous. Also, there's no longer the preview button for the next act! Is it cancelled? Please, more than returning my purchase, I'd like to know if it's gonna be up or cancelled because I'm hanging onto it! If it's cancelled I'd like to know, and move on, that's all, in my case. I wouldn't know about others who had paid for the preorder though! Also, it would help a lot if the game provides a help or contact option in case we have questions. Thank you!


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