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Erin: The Last Aos Sí Android Gameplay ᴴᴰ

Description & Details

Challenging experience that combines tactical turn-based combat and RPG elements

Erin: The Last Aos Sí [e:s 'ʃi:] is a challenging experience that combines tactical turn-based combat with RPG elements. Set in mythical Scotland, the game follows Erin on her quest to defeat Balor, The God of Blight and save the world from ultimate destruction.

If you enjoy fantasy worlds, Celtic mythology, deep turn-based tactical combat that requires well thought out strategy, hordes of monsters, powerful spells, RPG elements, rewarding loot and challenging gameplay, you will love this game.

◈ Fluid turn-based combat
◈ Deep tactical system
◈ Skill-based spell casting
◈ Light RPG elements and progression system. Level-up and improve your abilities
◈ Challenging battles with clever enemies
◈ Difficult bosses
◈ Rewarding loot
◈ Interactive bestiary and spell book
◈ Tons of spells and charms that use the power of water, earth, energy, air and fire elements
◈ Dozens of monster types
◈ Over 15 different environments
◈ Based on Celtic mythology and both real and fictitious places in Scotland
◈ Really long campaign
◈ Epic orchestral soundtrack
◈ Cheesy live action intro :)
◈ Pixel art graphics

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Latest Ratings

Luka 4
I admit, I was bribed with an in game item to write this review. That said, I've been genuinely enjoying it. There's something very satisfying about learning new spell patterns. I'm hoping that one day Erin will get to wear some real clothes (maybe even armor?), and more of a storyline will appear (to be fair I'm apparently 3 percent into the game), but I'd say this is worth checking out.
Popoy 5
ERIN is a new concept to me, and I've already played alot of games. I know one of its appeal is the pixelated character/monster but i would love to see improvements with the graphics/skill effects. Still this is a real challenging and enjoyable game as it is now. Keep up the good work and pls continue to polish this rare gem!
I'ma 5
Old review: A legit good game guys, but it's too slow imo and i hope there's a turbo mode that increase the game's speed by 20% or something. New review: Now the game runs at an acceptable pace after the new update that brings the option to speed up the game arrives. Gj devs, you did good \m/
Bruno 4
Erin is a curious game. It is about turn based combats - think Final Fantasy - were you select spells (either from a list or by typing it) and then perform a small timing task to determine the power of that spell. It's weakness is the repetition, where the only thing that varies is the type of the spell to cast. The game also lacks certain things that prevents it to stand out as a mobile classic, such as better (remarkable) music, background variety and a Storyline. In its current presentation, the game plays as a grinding fest so it may bore easily. I hope the designer take a look into this because it has great potential.
Jesse 3
The combat is unique and cool. It gets really stale though because there really doesn't seem to be a story and the ONLY thing you do is combat; there's no NPC interaction, no equipment to find, no hidden quests or any objective other than run-swipe-poke, run-swipe-poke. Collecting spells would be more meaningful if there was the potential to combo them, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
Bethany 5
I'm having a blast! The rune patterns as a spell shortcut is very handy. I like identifying enemy weaknesses and exploiting them. Definitely going to hunt down every last spell, and hopefully some shoes for Erin. Running around everywhere barefoot all the time, ow!
Christian 5
The game is AMAZING! Its style is so unique, I don't think here's another game with this kind of style to it. I also love he pixelated art, it brings back memories of the old games like final fantasy. Overall, it's great! If there's anything I can suggest, a clear and concrete storyline would be nice. Other than that, the game's PERFECT!
Michael 5
This game replaced my right hand as a lover. This game saved me from committing suicide. This game is the Rick and Morty of 1990's soap operas. Without this game there would be no joy in life. Thanks for the in game item creators. Stay shwifty
Adam 4
Excellen comba system hampered by the readability of the text. Could use some flavor in terms of storytelling though. As it is everything seems to be one battle after another and other the enjoyable combat system there's not much else pushing me to go on. I don't feel any motivation as a character.
Unfortunately I literally can't get through the explanation, because the font is hardly readable. Seems like a nice game but I'm not gonna spend time trying to make out the words...
Minion 4
This game is very good. I would have given it a full 5 if it wasn't as hard to beat the group's so early on. Other than that great game, keep it going ☺


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