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Join your Budtender Steve and explore the changing Marijuana laws in Canada

Steve is your own personal Budtender (like a bartender, but for Marijuana!). Follow along with Steve through the planned legalization of Cannabis in Canada. We focus on providing unbiased news, a forum for questions, an ongoing video series with interviews, product demonstrations, and equipment review (all legal by Canadian laws). We do not sell anything directly.

Steve is an older gentlemen who has been a strong cannabis advocate for 30+ years. His experience in this emerging industry is available to you within your mobile device.

In a series of ongoing videos, Steve's Status, you can follow along with your Budtender as he learns and explores the changing laws. Interviews, product reviews, and other videos will be available as time goes on and laws change. The real magic begins July 1st when the Canadian Government has promised Cannabis legalization.

Stay up to date with the latest in Canadian Cannabis news from unbiased sources, and how Canadians are reacting to the upcoming changes.

Got a question? Ask Your Budtender! Send in a question (maybe with a picture) and we'll review the question and may feature your question (anonymously) within our app's Q&A area for all to learn.

Have some advise for us? Please send it in; we don't pretend to be the world's foremost experts and are eager to learn from anyone.

Also - no such thing as stupid questions, please ask us! We want an open forum to ask anything (however we do review and moderate them)

Supports Facebook, Google logins, as well as good ol' fashion email and password login, or just browse as a guest. Note: Guests do not receive push notifications.

This is a brand new emerging industry and is wrought with uncertainty, in the legalities of growing and consuming cannabis, and also the social stigma. Let's get through this together and grow the community.

Cannabis isn't for everyone, as with anything new you should (legally) try a small amount among trusted friends in a comfortable location, and go from there.

If you're a newbie, a previous-smoker, or a good old' pothead like Budtender Steve (and me, his techie son) everyone is welcome to check out our app and we appreciate any feedback.

Please be respectful of the law; only consume cannabis were legally permitted and when of legal age. Know the law and where it applies to you.

Thanks for reading this far - honestly I've only read a few app descriptions the whole length so kudos to you :)

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