Bit Money - Click & Earn Free Cash with Bitcoin

Bit Money - Click & Earn Free Cash with Bitcoin








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Make real cash for free by watching videos, sharing app and clicking on bitcoin

Earn real money by clicking the Bitcoin and watching the videos.

Make money online on your mobile phone - now it's real!
With our new app you can rise a lot of money right here and right now.
Forget about lottery and other apps were you can rely only on luck to win.

There are 5 ways to receive points:
- daily checkin (free coins everyday)
- click on bitcoin icon (limited by 1000 per day)
- watch videos (easiest way)
- share app
- rate app

Currently available withdraw method is Amazon, but we are working on PayPal and Bitcoin wallets.

All Contests prizes and “rewards” given by app are not affiliated with Google Inc. Contests are solely sponsored by the "Bit Money - Click & Earn Free Cash with Bitcoin".

"Bit Money - Click & Earn Free Cash with Bitcoin" app reserves the rights to change all rewards and limits related to the game at any time.

Contact us via for any queries you have regarding our service. We love to get feedback from our users.

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4.1 and up
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10000 - 50000
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Latest Ratings

Reyna 3
Don't understand what the point of this app is. I will just keep it and see. It hasn't messed up my phone. However, the app told me it was going to give me a bunch of pointa for giving it a five star rating. Sounds questionable. So I didn't give it five stars because I don't believe in lying just to get money or a few stupid points.
Melissa 1
Guys, please don't waste your time. It is clearly fake. All the 5 star reviews are just the same people saying 'great' or 'Excellent' I was scrolling though the comments and I saw somebody named 'Jen' with the exact same picture that commented about 15 times. Fake. Please please don't waste your time.
Angel 5
Its diffurent im new to the app but have mixed emotions. I like the style and how all u need to do is click but i dont like reviews! I also am unsatisfied with the time it takes to earn the reword 1 year is too ling in my calculation..will update continues use.
Time will tell if it's legit. But 1 million points for a $15 gift card? Lol, a million? That would take several months of watching ads all day. Deleting this right away. However, it does give 5,000 points regardless of the rating you give. The wording should be rewritten to avoid the appearance of a bribe. Also, the spinning wheel says 2000 spins well before you actually do.
Crushed 1
Not only would it take forever to get those the prize it doesn't even give you bitcoin this app is a lie don't bother to waste your time on this nonsense
kevin 5
It will take a long time to reach the total amount but will try and use every day for the points/money
It clearly states you need 1000000 points to earn $15 amazin gift card . I'll find out in a week if its true
William 2
The problem is these apps make it impossible to get to the sell out line. 2000 satoshi, really? Lets get real here.
advgamer 1
Maximum amount that you can claim is 2000 per day.2000x365 equals 75000.So you need more than a year to be able to claim 115$ worth ofsatoshi.smh.
Brand new to the app, still getting a feel. So far...i think its legit witj realm bitcoin and whatnot. My one requirement...met
Nick 5
Don't know about payouts yet but other than that it seems legit.

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