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RetroBrowser is the time machine of the web. Browse the past like you were there

RetroBrowser is the time machine of the web! Lets you browse through the past in almost every web site to see how it looked back in time.
With a clean and easy to use interface you can browse any web site just like with a normal browser, with the power to select any date in the past.

Get recommendations to discover new web sites while you’re surfing through the past.

This app still in development, we're fixing bugs and releasing updates periodically.

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Latest Ratings

Frank 4
This is VERY COOL! It's fun to see what things were back in the day (whichever day I might choose). And the Win95 theme is just priceless! I only wish that you could go back in time farther than the early 2000's, but I don't see any way for you to access the past data since it was saved. What I *would* like is (a) let us get RID OF THE AD's. I'm willing to pay a fee to get rid of them. Either have an I-A-P, or else have a Premium version of the app without adds. Plus, as you say, you're working the bugs out. Well, that's good because the app is a bit slow (even over Wi-Fi).
Andrew 5
Awesome!!!!! Super fun, only downfall is it makes you feel old lol. Great app guys!!
中村久美子 1
It might work if I could scroll around instead of it getting stuck all the time.
Marccio 5
The Win 95 skin is a soothing balm for the soul.
Terrance 4
Please add a way to disable advertisements. Its unethical to consume advertisements
Jordan 5
Really good concept and work gone into this is great.
Kurt 5
Love this! Wayback / internet time machine in an app. Very cool!!!
Rohit 5
Excellent and innovative. Great nostalgia value in a pretty interface.
Teije 5
Awesome stuff! Great app to get a blast from the past. I rate 5/7.
Squirrel 5
This app is great fun. Came from Reddit. Keep developing!

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