Desert Secret Sniper 3d: Best Shooting Games - FPS

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Simple Shoot & Intercept is the rules of survival! Best Shooting FPS Game

Desert Secret Sniper 3d: Best Shooting Games - FPS

Simple Shoot & Intercept is the rules of survival! Best Shooting FPS Game

Fire Up! bad guys started combat in global war. They need more killing:

AIM and SHOOT! as clash with the military & criminals is causing lot's of victims around the country. Terrorist are using lethal GUNS.

Pick Up the best Gun and Start shooting in this best fps shooting games! And Now, you can download for FREE.

Rules of Survival are simple, Use Sniper 3D in the most entertaining missions against assassin shooters. Sniper 3D consist of great gameplay. Cool animations.

=> A game with REALISTIC 3D graphics and awesome visuals
=> FUN FREE thrilling MISSIONS
=> free fps game
=> Most of ALL is ADDICTING gameplay

It's about cool sniper 3D game. bad guy is approaching to victim. You are sniper 3D fps shooting expert. Equipped with mortal WEAPONS, deadliest of all. Start action now! pull the trigger and get the bad guy. It's about action and adventure. Instead of repetitive Shooting games, destroy helicopters, fight in the American cities & desert with your best Sniper 3D.

Sniper 3D is about fighting game with real glory of fantasy sniping & your duty is to get racing of new weapons. Moreover, It's a real free fps game and you can enjoy even if you are Offline. A game for free.

Enjoy the Fun of killing the Zombies. Solve the Puzzle by leaving the victims and target in the crowd. Survival will be tricky but the winner will be hero in the combat. Enjoy Golden shots in slow motion. Show your skills as best marksman sniper shooter.

Now, play amazing first person shooter(FPS) action game with hundred of missions. rules of shoot are simple, All you have to target, aim & follow the bad guy. Follow Alpha, Bravo & Charlie group. Rogue agents & enemies spies need state secret. Prevent spreading terrible virus. There will be warfare missions where you have to stop massive nuclear competition against the country. All you need is accuracy from your Sniper 3D rifle.

=> Amazing GamePlay
Fierce battle shooting scenes. Sniper 3D you have to end global war. Stop racing to shoot. Remember zombie alive and you have to face zombie army. Only option will be to KILL them ALL! Sniper 3D, it's about survival and human race against the terrorist and zombies. Play awesome action shooting game.

=> Download for FREE and Enjoy around the globe
No need to be Online after you have download this top shooting game. No need to download more packages, After download you can enjoy the game Offline and can play even if you are in the subway or in a flight of a real plane. You can enjoy during drive of car in the traffic jam of road or even in temple leisure time.

=> Extraordinary Weapons & arsenals
Evolution of fight need awesome and upgrades of weapons. Start from best sniper rifle to different assault rifles, shot guns and pistols. Your ammo, caliber need to be upgraded for the perfect grip. Pick up the perfect hunting rifles for real damage, range, scope & stability. Zoom through your sniper 3D and get the bullet to kill him first. Use assault mp5 against heavy vehicles. Ultimate Gun Glock armory is now in front of you.

Prepare you gun to test your speed in the missions of killing and hunting of this action game.

Sniper 3D is the acton-packed real FPS shooting and tactical game. Warfare need best sniping and battleground survival depends on the right choice within right time.

DragonFire Free Games team worked hard to make this game smoothly surf on all mobiles with most of the best free games features. Enjoy fun top shooting game! But you have to remember the rules of training.

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