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Painlessly manage and enjoy your retro game collection

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A GAME!! If you don't know what emulators are this app is not for you!

This is an emulator front-end that will painlessly organize your retro game collection.

No set-up is necessary. Dig will automatically

- scan your device for games
- download cover art
- assign default emulators for every system
- set-up approprate Retroarch overlays

However you must install the emulators and supply your own games. Dig will take you to the Play Store pages of emulators that are not installed

Other features include

- support for 47 systems and counting
- merged game sets
- Android homescreen game launching
- setting emulators per game

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thomas 4
Please please please need support for mame4all (0.37b5) retroarch is not a working option and mame4droid (0.139u1) is not compatible with the (0.37b5) set. Thanks!! Sure... Mame4droid 0.139u1 does the same thing anyway at least I can link to the app that matches my games!
Haze 5
Ok this app is a good idea i gotta give the devz props for making a good front end Ima try it n i might write a review when i have time but i expect great things from this because its honestly a must have for running emulations that are not built as one like retro ark n the few others that r out n they have crappy menus anyways says everyone lmao
patrick 4
good work guys.. This is a simple less option solution for ppl that want a fast set up in a front end. my only issue, I have existing artwork. Would just be great for me to add it via an option if possible rather down loading an additional 12GB of data of the same Boxart, titles or snaps.. Thanks Keep up the good work
Braden 4
Decent alternative to ARC Browser for phones. Love that there's little to no setup required, and that it's free with no ads! I'd like to see support for native Android games added, and maybe a few more customization options, other than that, great work!
Michael 4
This looks to be a simple and easy to use emulator front-end ... pretty much idiot proof, however, a few more options would be good like being able to specify the ROM path so the software isn't scanning the entire device. Great start to an emulator front-end, it should make setting up such a front end much more accessible to the general public. +1 for effort, looking forward to how this front-end develops!
Daniel 5
This app is great. No ads, perfectly manages games, and uses a great black and retro design. Definitely a must have for emulation.
Dave 5
Edit: With the recent update, now a 5* app. ☺ just needs the ability to search from the main screen so that searching for EG: Mortal Kombat would show every version of the game that you have on your device across all available systems. Love this, I use it as a launcher for Retroarch so I don't have to navigate it's horrendous menu UI. The only suggestion I have is please add the ability to view games as a compact list so that we can just quickly scroll through the list of games for each system. This would make it a 5* app for me.
Lawrence 1
Seems like malware.Terrible app. Doesn't open on Pixel 2. "Scans" phone for a while. Does nothing else. Seems like malware, do not install.
Steve 4
Great, but having a little trouble with artari juagar games

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