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Eat Everything in the World!

Control a tiny ball of grey goo with the ability to eat anything smaller than itself. The more it eats, the bigger it gets! Soon you'll be able to eat the entire planet!

The grey goo was originally created as a bathroom cleaner. It was only supposed to eat dirt and bacteria - cleaning your bathroom automatically. Instead it eats anything that it touches: dirt, bacteria, bugs, mice, cats, dogs, cars, trees, houses, planets... Everything!

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2.3.3 and up
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1000000 - 5000000
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William 5
I thinkk that this is a great game and there are different stages to complete. If i had to say a bad thing it would be tjat it is kind of.all the same and it gets boring sometimes (but not often i love it!) Reccomend completely
Tyler 2
Not a bad concept but way to short. finished game in like ten min n have no desire to go for metals BC.. well why. Waste of time but not in a good way.
ǰąɲƹŁŁƹ 5
Awesome and funny game!! A good time killer, and gives you something to do when you're bored. "I'm bored." Me- "Why don't you get Tasty Planet? It's a game where you eat people and the whole world and stuff." Person- "....,". "Sounds good to me! I'll try it!"
This was so fun! It was a little hard to control, but how easy it was and the ridiculous storyline made up for it. And as for the fact people wanted to buy some even after all it did made me do a gigantic facepalm. Those people were soooo dumb! I felt a little sorry for the animals i was eating. But, they were all trying to eat each other anyways, so...
rathnaa 4
Too short! Super entertaining! Quadriple fun! Best game after dragon city. Really really really wish there were more levels. It would be better if it didnt have a sad ending. (.,.)👶
Alain 5
This game was awsome but I would like it to have more levels I dont want to buy tasty planet back for seconds for 3.99 or something plz remake it and dont charge us for tasty planet back for second or I will tell everyone that this game sucks and I will change my 5 star to 0 so u understand ok???? PLZ!!! 😠 I also will comment u this WORST GAME EVER I do not recommend this to anyone and boooo!💔👎👎
Raych 4
Great game. Controls weren't easy to use on phone unfortunately so not worth spending money on next game when you struggle to play okay with bad controls.
Sara 2
There is one thing this game did well. They offer you different ways to control your little monster; so if you weren't good at one way you could use a different way to move around. Other than that it was just doing the same thing over and over again. It got boring fast, and I have no desire to buy the full version just so I can do more of the same thing.
Maze 4
A funny, cute game for all ages (as long as you don't mind the light implications of murdering cops and cats). Very good for the short, free version. Completed it in the first day of installation, thoigh it was nice and fun to play.
Ryan 1
Horrible. (I'm a kid that likes criticizing Players don't ban me from this place of hatred and joy in games. This is all I do. )
Danica 5
Oh. My. God. My childhood is on google play! I was probably in middle school first time I played this game, and in high school when I actually finished it. I pretty much downloaded it here to contribute to the ratings because I've played this so many times on PC and I think I would go nuts if I had to play the 300 aphids level again, I regularly failed that one! And I really suck at controls like this on the phone... But I love this game and I'm glad it's now on this platform where more people can get to it. 12/10 would eat the universe again, someday.

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