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Champion Fight is the #1 full contact combat 3D fighting game on Android.

Spinebuster! Elbow drop! Scissor kick! Immerse yourself in adrenaline pumping world of mixed martial arts action in Champion Fight!

Step into the arena with Champion Fight, #1 full contact combat fighting experience with 3D jaw dropping graphics. Prepare for epic versus fighting action, tap as quickly as possible to perform combos and build your power to pull off special attacks against your opponents. Feel every punch, kick, strike and grapple thanks to intuitive and responsive controls in Champion Fight now!

Game Features:
- Brutal 3 vs 3 combat with massive roster of fighters
- Engage in fast paced on-the-ring action
- Amazing 3D graphics and realistic motion captured animations
- Enter the PvP battlefield to fight with real players

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2.1 and up
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1000000 - 5000000
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D'wayne 3
Wish the controls had like punching kicking and special attack buttons and you could step forward backwards and to the side.. Like in street wars pvp.. Then ID have to give game five stars across the board.. But I love the graphics..
Rhyan 3
Update this game please! And fix the bugs! This game is so amazing. Great job. Create skill fatality for each fighters and make it extremely brutal. I suggest that you use those weapons which is attach into their body and those who don't have weapon like the monk just create super extremely brutal combo for him. Because everytime that the opponent knock down they can still gets up. Really not cool! Add more fighters like jasmine, the nurse and the perfect lady of your own game auto theft gangster. Create a unique skills for each one of them. Very Good graphics. Bugs must be fixed! Put a button icon for punching and kicking remake the game make it evolve. Create more fighters with unique fighting skills for each one of them. Change the skills of other fighters who has the same fighting skills. Make them unique from each other. And all of the characters must have potential to grow stronger and stronger. Improve the background or stage. This game has good graphics but i want to see it evolve into more detailed quality of graphics of fighters and stage. Great job developers. Create more fighters please! More sexy godess fighters! Improve the "MONK" fighter he supposed to be the most strongest fighter against all of them. Monk is very cool and tactical looking. I'm alway looking forward for the new content updates of these game. Where are you developers update this game please! You are insanely awesome. Use your talent don't waste it create a great games. More powers to all of you! I love your game and more people love this game so much.
Lysmatic 3
Great fighter, needs grapples and tackle attacks and holds. Just the punch and block attacks get boring. Cool characters. Having it be able to be played in pov mode would be cool
Himanshu 1
Frozen characters, buggy online fight and lost amulets:. Due to game glich one of my holy light ring disappeared while i was changing it from one character to another. Characters go frozen while opponent use special power during switch. When opponent is knocked out by special power he remain standing and game freezes. In online fight i lost 25 gems without warning because i hit back button before starting of fight. I have completed all levels and now there is no way to earn more gems.
Oxymoron 1
Miserable. I can exploit glitches that make me impossible to kill. Character models are warped. Ads everywhere. Primitive UI. Don't download this.
I make to lv50 about I am the greatest games aver my name Dave Matthew if I play at champion I will win I just don't have a money to play counter strike go and make a name about I one of the greatest games aver and I don't lie please help me I live at temerloh taman perindu 28000 no.32 Believe Dave Matthew
It is a great game but the combos are too repetitive and there are too many glitches
Henry 1
Characters many bugs....lost gems in an online fight due this...plz refund
Sultan 2
The game is ok but moves are not good
Sharrieff 4
Good game really like it good graphics ,good background music, Generous power ups ,You fight for what you earn..keep them coming..
گیم خوبیه حتما اجراش کنید و لذت ببرید مثل بازیه مورتال کمبت که دو گیگ باید دانلودش کنید

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