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Surreal boxing match game equipped with powerful action!!

Spectacular comic boxing game with fighting elements!
A thrilling contest of characters with full of personality! Be careful since you may have your bones broken.
Realistic movements and actions owing to the motion capture technology!
Revolutionary mobile fighting game – head boxing!
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1. Characters using various attacking and special skills
2. Diverse costume beyond your imagination
3. Five mystical modes (arcade, championship, survival, death mode, and league)
4. Two players can play together
5. Pet breeding system
6. Upgrade the system.
7. 100 achievements and daily achievements
8. Rich sound of professional voice actors
9. Comic and diverse facial expressions
10. Bone fracture system.

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4.1 and up
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Rated for 7+
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100000 - 500000
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Latest Ratings

FatBoy 5
It's a good game but you need to balance the fight. I can stunlock to death with the first character of the game.
Just make the graphics more like head soccer and head basketball
BigShadow 5
Great game, really good graphics and so funny to play
AbJames 4
Its a fun easy way to pass time. Its a boxing game so you cant really exspect there to be alot to do. It would be nice to be able to train your character and make him stronger and faster. It would also be nice to be able to customize your character from scratch id make my character look like myself. There are so many other boxing apps out there you cant say this is the best but it kills time. I think this game would do much better as a kickboxing/martials beat em up. Maybe throw a little steets of rage arcade gameplay in there. This is a good game that will get old real fast.
Jeremy 5
I really enjoy the game so far but I have a few suggestions to help. 1. Fix how we level up player skills. Stopping the bar in the right place is annoying to do. 2. Add more attacks like...a double back dash attack for your regular and power punch, a forward dash for the power punch and for the special skill when you get it, more combo button presses like light punch power punch light punch power punch etc. 3. More characters. I love the bone breaks it was a great touch. I hope you keep updating this regularly EDIT: Another thing that should be looked at in my opinion is the taunt right when the match starts in the 1st Rd before u fight right after the bell rings. Remove it. Make them each do it before the Rd starts. It's very annoying to start like that
Great fun game with potential - needs a bit more upgrading features - like costume or skins of " historical boxers etc. Upgrades are limited to lvl so huge gap between character enhancements make it feel a bit unprogressive at times - definitely deserve a try and will love
Todd 5
More attacks, combo attacks, real damage if the arm is broken it should go limp and not work that would be cool,and can you please let people constantly and continue to hit the downed opponent after they already lost, you know extra cheap shots, more brutal honesty keep going I love it.
Adam 5
This is so much fun. Its so nostalgic, its got pixelated graphics with todays technology. Controls are completely on point. And i love the broken bone feature its pretty funny. 😂
Andrew 3
Obvious cash grab like 99% of the play store these days. There is a definitive and game ending lag to this game which is hard to overcome, it needs fixing. And 500,000+ coins for a pair of shorts? Like I said, cash grab.
Allan 4
Need to find tune with up grading your characters. It's difficult to the amount of currency you have. Other than that it is a fun game. Recommend if your bored.
BoredWaffles123 5
I LOVE this game just as much as I do SOCCER HEADS, great graphics, animations, bone structure system, characters. But OVERALL just a really nicely done game developed by a really nice developer who knows his stuff. 🙃

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