Revenge Of Anubis: Ancient Egypt Adventure

Revenge Of Anubis: Ancient Egypt Adventure








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By Dack Oenomaus Category Adventure

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A key and item finding, platforming, destroy enemies side scrolling adventure!

The Story: Return to Ancient Egypt and play as the God of the Dead Anubis. The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx has been seized by Set, God of disorder and Sobek, ruler of the Nile. It is up to you to find your way into the pyramid, defeat Set and his horde of faithful creatures. Then find the key to Sobek's underground lair, and restore peace across the land.

Requires Android 5.0 and above.

Game play tips and instructions:
Revenge of Anubis is 100% ad free and has several game play aspects including mild puzzle solving mini-games (pushing objects/guiding creatures) using wall hieroglyphs, item collection, button smashing combat (after the bow is found) and platforming. Use the pause menu to save and load the game as well as toggling the music to replace it with wind and crickets.
The player is encouraged to explore by double jumping, climbing, and sliding while interacting with scrolls and the Goddess where hints are found to locate each item. Doors must be unlocked with corresponding color keys for the player to progress further.
But be warned Anubis! The land is filled with scorpions and mummies which must be outsmarted (getting the scorpions attention will cause them to wonder into a spike trap before they can be destroyed with the bow or magic potion.) Once Set has been defeated the player can start the game anew with the bow and more enemies to increase the challenge.
3 items to find: The Relic, The Mummified Cat and the Magic Potion. Fulfill the mini-game missions of the Relic and the Cat or save all three until the end for a bonus. The Magic Potion once found can be pressed/used via UI inventory to destroy all creatures currently on the map.
Keep the Scarab Beetle alive! Keeping the Scarab alive will give you health when interacted. Guide the Scarab home mini-game will boost score and health. Killing the Scarab is will set your score back.
Archer mini-games. There will be plenty of pottery to brake. Using the bow ricochet shots are worth more points when you have to calculate shots to bounce off walls to hit targets. Enter bonus rooms while they are open by pressing down as well as the training room which can be accessed at start by moving left.

All most everything can be destroyed with the bow such as falling spike traps, wooden doors, pottery, all enemies including the Bowman's arrow. Use the ricochet shot to get behind the Bowman's shield to defeat him.
Don't forget to study the Hieroglyphs! Some clues to where Anubis should shoot, push pillars or guide the Scarab will be displayed by nearby wall symbols.
Good Luck Anubis, Egypt is depending upon you!

This is a new release and may contain some bugs or errors, please send all reports or email me directly with issues, thanks for playing!

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