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Milestone app based on the word wide Bestseller: The Wonder Weeks.

Sibling app to the Number one best sold Parenting app: The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks Milestone Memories
Track your baby’s development with pictures! The Wonder Weeks Milestone Memories is THE app you need to create a perfect timeline of photos of your baby’s unique development based on the word wide Bestseller The Wonder Weeks. When you, …like us, think that all the standard milestone apps just aren’t enough… you want to record the things that really matter and go the extra mile! This app helps you in the easiest way possible to document all first gorgeous, beautiful and meaningful moments of your baby’s development in their first 20 months of life. And… we’ll give you all of the standard ‘my firsts’ as a bonus.

Make sure each Wonder Week is treasured forever!

This app includes:
- All checklists / My diary sections of the book The Wonder Weeks
- All ‘my firsts’ milestones
- Fun stickers
- Share with friends, save to your photo’s
- More than 500 unique development tracking milestones

While The Wonder Weeks Milestone Memories is there to photograph and treasure the milestones and your baby’s ‘firsts’; the ‘classical’ The Wonder Weeks app’ will give you insight into each leap and share with you what your baby is going through and when, and what you can do to help. Take pictures and treasure with The Wonder Weeks Milestone Memory app, get insights with the ‘classical’ The wonder Weeks app.

All the important milestones and ‘firsts’ available to document:
- Senses
- Physical Development
- Language acquisition & recognition
- Music & Art Development
- Mental Development
- Emotional Development
- First foods
- Baby’s firsts outside…
- First Holidays
- Baby’s appearances
- Firsts for parents… as you’ll have plenty firsts too being reborn as a new parent!
- And way more firsts!

Easy steps to use this app:
1. Browse through the possible milestones of the leap your baby is into and know what things you might be looking for. You’ll discover so much more about your baby’s development…
2. Take a picture or select one from your gallery, connect it to a milestone or add a sticker
3.Save it forever, and share it with your loved ones.

With love, Your Wonder Weeks Team

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Beth 3
Would be better if more than one milestone could be checked off at a time. Having to go back to the home screen after adding EVERY milestone is very frustrating and not worth the time with a 8 month old. Also, the list of skills don't match those from the book. Hoping for improvements in a future update. So far, really not worth the $$.
Suticha 3
The app is ok. Useful as it keeps track of achieved milestones. The only downfall only allows me to add milestones one at a time. Very frustrating. It would be much better and way less time consuming if I had the ability to choose multiple milestones without having to go back and add each time.
Bernadine 2
I really love the lists of milestones. However it is very annoying to be sent back to the start screen after adding a milestone. I want to add several milestones - my baby is 12 months and I only just found out about this app so I have a lot of catching up to do. The app should send me back to the list of milestones after I've added one so I can quickly add another one. It would be perfect if it put me back to where I was in the list so that I don't have to keep scrolling down too. I've lost interest already with all this scrolling and working my way through three steps to get back to where I was.
Larisa 2
Each app lacks what the other one has. In one you can write notes but cannot add photos, in the other one you add pictures but cannot add a description to those photos. It doesn't make any sense and having both apps doesn't solve the problem. Ideally you should be also able to add video and audio notes.
Hazel 3
A little disappointing considering this is a paid app. Wish list: fix the spelling mistakes, able to upload video, able to add my own 'Firsts' if not available from the list provided, able to add more than 1 photo for each milestone, more stickers (and perhaps borders?). App showed white screen several times after I added a milestone.
Azur 5
Extremely useful app. It helped me a lot. Keep up the good work!
Lauren 1
Dumb says my 11 month old should be trying to use the potty or clean the house. *absolutely ridiculous to say an 11 month old should be cleaning the toilet, you are stealing people's money, including mine. You should go to jail
Emma 1
Crashes every time I try to use it
Juliette 3
Some spelling mistakes and double ups. Also very difficult to go back and change the date of a milestone - you have to delete then re-add. You also cannot select multiple milestones at one time - each have to be painstakingly selected and a date attributed to each, which is silly for milestones achieved months ago. Should hopefully be useful in identifying specific milestones to check/look out for but I'm not sure how much more useful it is compared to The Wonder Weeks app alone
Finally! I have been waiting for this app for years. Thank you for making it live.


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