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Use airpods in Android phones to trigger Google Assistant

Double tap on either airpod to trigger Google Assistant. It's designed to work when screen is locked. When screen is unlocked it doesn't always work because Android sends media button event to the current front app and AirpodsForGA won't be able to capture the event.

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Latest Ratings

Erik 5
Well I really did not want to use GA as I have been using the Bixby on the Note 8. But I figured what the heck. Downloaded the app and opened up the airpods. Put them in and double tapped and my phone gave me an option. GA or Bixby. So I chose Bixby. And it worked. Now I am excited lol. So great app..I haven't tried any other settings yet. But I'm good with Bixby.
Suresh 2
It's not working when music is not playing. And after the first attempt I'm unable to start the music. If I can play Music as well as operate Google assistant it will be very good please make this work this is very important thank you
Bram 5
Didn't work on my Galaxy S7. Opens S Voice instead of GA. If I disable S Voice it does nothing at all, except stop music but never start music. EDIT: had to reinstall Google app, works now. 5 stars
tomas 4
Works as mentioned. Just wish the feature in the app that allows the first double tap to pause would work to resume the song after you made your Google voice command. Maybe like a 15 sec timer to activate the assistant after your first double tap to pause the song, and if you don't do anything it resets to tap to play? Kinda confusing but I hope you understand what I mean. Regardless very great app
Thanks, it's really awesome app. Would be great if it can let us control on right and left bud so we can only trigger Google assistant only on one of the buds and use the other to pause/play music.
Jacob 3
Its good. But when you active google assistant a loud ringing sound comes on and dont hear the beep sound when google assistant is on this on a note 5 running andriod 7.0
Royce 3
I really love the concept. It's a great idea but it really needs some work. For some reason the assistant only responds verbally when I'm using my phone, if its off or in my pocket the initial response takes 4/5 seconds, I'll then say something and it'll make the stop listening tone but she'll only occasionally respond. And if I'm listening to music, the music doesn't start playing again after the request or command is is finished. This causes me to have to then ask her to play music (seems redundant) Secondly, only one airpod (user assignable) is needed to activate the assistant and the other one should be to play/pause or whatever the user chooses. TLDR: I love the app but I can't use it until the assistant integration improves.
Israel 5
After 24 hours of use, app works great! Google Assistant works with the phone locked and unlocked. Using them on my Pixel 2 XL on Android Beta. AirPods have a lot of cool features with Apple, hopefully the developer can tap into some of those for Android. Also, looks like another Android developer figured out how to tap into the battery info, please add to this app!
Chris 5
Great job! Using Pixel 2 XL. I wish there was a way to start song again after pause. If you could add that functionality it would be about a perfect app!
zheng 4
great but is there a way to switch Bixby to GA after the initial selection? I tried to uninstall and download the app again but it still automatically makes it Bixby. need help here.
Jadon 3
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. And it had a long delay.

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