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Maintain healthy undisturbed sleep with Nightly’s active Sleep Stimulation

Meet the revolutionary technology for healthier sleep. Nightly is, an innovative solution that helps you improve your sleep in three ways: it helps you fall asleep faster and more relaxed, limits bad dreams and, consequently, reduces the likelihood of nighttime awakenings.

The science of sleep has advanced significantly over the last few years making great sleep attainable. Drawing on these advancements, we now offer you an expert-approved way to a better, more restful sleep. Our scientifically-developed technology powered by AI actively detects critical moments during the night and reacts with soothing audio to help you get an entire night’s rest uninterrupted by bad dreams. Not only does it promote the onset of sleep at bedtime but also significantly reduces sleep-maintenance problems resulting from bad dreams. Try out Nightly and take advantage of the latest research to improve your sleep!

Sleep soundly with Sleep Stimulation
Sleep Stimulation is the fruit of over 3-year research by sleep scientists, psychologists, and experts in the fields of neuroaesthetics and cognitive film theory. Its unique active feature continuously monitors your movements while you sleep, assesses your sleep quality, and the moment it detects an onset of restlessness or bad dreams, it reacts with specially developed soothing sounds that create a calm setting which helps you maintain healthy undisturbed sleep.
This technology is based on research which shows that relaxing music lowers the heart rate, blood pressure, cortisol levels, anxiety and stress, and audio-visual stimulation before going to bed significantly improves the quality of sleep.

Fall asleep easily
Stop your mind from racing with the help from our Relaxing Themes. 69.99% of our users fall asleep faster* and 72.9% of them sleep longer.*

Reduce unwanted wake-ups
Enjoy more peaceful nights with our Sleep Stimulation technology. 70% of Nightly users experience better quality sleep.*

Limit bad dreams
Take the stress and anxiety out of your nights. 86.7% of frequent Nighty users do not report a single bad dream.**
Developed to help you sleep better
Nightly includes:
- A timeline with your sleep history to track your progress,
- Relaxing themes to help you unwind,
- Sleep Stimulation technology recognizing specific moments in your sleep and playing soothing sounds,
- Intelligent alarm to wake you up in the right moment,
- Dark-coloured interface that will not disturb your night,

Start improving your sleep - Nightly!

We want to hear from you
We love hearing your feedback, questions and suggestions. That’s how we continuously get better.

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* Based on anonymous data from Nightly users who slept at least 4 nights with the app in comparison to those who slept less than 4 nights.
** Based on anonymous data from Nightly users who slept 6 and more nights with the app

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