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Let defeat akatsuki and become a hokage!

Do you like ninja manga ? Do you like to fighting with enemy from sound ninja, sand ninja, akatsuki to protect konoha  and become new hokage ?
Let play the best Ninja fighting game of this manga series: Battle of Ninja.
- Easy to play, very addictive.
- A lot of characters base on great ninja from the konoha like uzumaki, sasuke, itachi, madara, kakashi…
- Fantasic Justsu of shinobi: rasengan, sharingan, Rinnegan, chidori …
- 100+ difference enemies wave
- Transform to Tailed Beast with ulimate power and beat enemy
- 2d graphic with nice effect
- use kunai to attack enemy from range, kill enemy and collect coins to unlock hidden shinobi from leaf village.
How to Play:
- Tap left / right to attack. You only can attack enemy in a range.
- Tap kunai button to throw kunai at enemy
- Tap Justsu button to use ulimate justsu. Each character has seperate justsu, and difference type attack.

Very easy and very addictive. Let play and share best score with everyone. Who will be the number one?
If you like this, please comment and review to show your opinions so that we can make better games.
For any contribution, please feel free to contact us via email:
Be sure to like our fan page to always receive the latest updates and more information/tips about the gameplay: fun playing!!!
Have fun!!

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Sam 5
Can I just say, the Sprite work on all of the characters is amazing, real labour of love. You managed to capture every single character to such detail, bravo! I will say however the controls aren't exactly the most intuitive. Why not have the directional abilities going up the sides vertically? I find the current layout to be about cumbersome if not counter-intuitive altoegther . Its a shame because I feel like in the current setup it's going to take too long to amass enough currency and play with each character, which a massive Naruto fan disheartens me to know I'll never see all the hard work you clearly put into the game.
The game is very addicting the characters look amazing, you put alot of work into this game and i hope you can keep updating the game because i think naruto fans will love this game, thx for adding shisui he's my favorite character :D
Tony 3
For people thinking that the Sprite work came from them you're wrong. It came from a Naruto game on the DS just saying. The game is ok though
DeSean 5
Add more ppl and that all like nie talks and other tail beast make a boss battle where it take alot idk but live it
Good time killer! Challenging! Hard at first but when you master the moves of different enemies you will surely know how to deal to them😇
Thys 4
Its a great game but please but more characters in the game and also more updates please(; try to but in boruto and new characters of that sort tip but in like different modes and you can use 8 or more health packs or but in new stages
Nate 5
This is a great game. However, I think you should let us get any character we want, but each one you buy triples the price
Ciye 5
Its a good game but u cant go back to home screen after u start so u have to restart the app but other than that its a awsome game
Ursula 5
I had this game installed before and it was not so good and did not have a lot of characters but now it's awesome.
dra 4
Yo add the ictachi from the battle of aksuki the soosano one pls (rip my spelling)
Shbahrin 5
Addicted. Please, add more character yamato, sai, aoba, hayate, genma, raido, shizune, kabuto and killer bee. Ok


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