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Interactive Fiction - Text Adventure - Sentience-acquisition Simulator


Eidos. An immortal traveler in a world that is unknown to her. Where will she go in her exploration? What is her purpose? What will be her fate and the fate of all that she encounters? The answers to these and more questions are influenced by your actions.

Conscientia: the Book of Eidos is the first in a unique series of interactive novels. The world you explore is a multi-layered experience where political intrigue, personal narratives, deep history and mythical realms converge to create an interwoven reality. This world will respond to your choices but it also has a life of its own. Engage with the world in whatever way you choose, but beware the dangers that each step will bring.

Gain friends or make enemies. Resolve conflicts or wage wars. Explore the past or deny the truth. Walk a path of serenity or of madness. All paths lead to compelling ends. And all ends lead to new beginnings.


Eidos the Many - Six personality affinities with their own reactions and options. Discover yours through the choices you make.
The Denizens of the Realm - Nearly 100 characters each with their own identity that respond to your personality and actions in unique ways.
A Labyrinthine World - Visit townships, traverse the wilderness, explore ruins and discover other realms beyond the physical.
Achieve Mastery - Learn Glyphs that confer powers and open new paths of experience.
Naturally Adept - Each ability is employed and every action is done intuitively with no tutorials required.
Shattered Mirror of Fate - Solve problems with a variety of solutions and experience innumerable unique narratives.
Gain Transcendence - Unlock new possibilities with multiple playthroughs as each save file interacts with the others.
The First Arc of a Saga - Interwoven storylines that lead into new books and upcoming content.
A Dying and Rising Being - Eidos is beyond death and time. Subsequent incarnations will not begin empty handed.


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3.) Review ransom is ridiculous. If you write: "1 star unless you do X, then it's totally worth 5 stars!" then you're pissing in my ear and trying to tell me that it's raining. If you truly like it, then send a polite request for a feature to be implemented; state your case; and we'll discuss. Do not make demands because this is a FREE app and I owe you nothing.

Clear examples of useful feedback are a 2-star review we had detailing numerous buggy encounters at different locations throughout the game; a 4-star review that again mentioned bugs specifically; and a 5-star review that looked at music, writing and other factors holistically. The review doesn't have to be positive, but at least make it useful, people.

4.) crashes = our fault, completely
your inability to progress due to your choices = your fault

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Michael 5
Thank you for reigniting my passion for written text. This is a magical work of art and the REAL effects moral actions have are the first satisfying choice system this self has seen. I know the word of one random denizen is lost to the shreiks of many upset persons. That matters not as this self appreciates your work for ten heretics. A+, only found two spelling errors in tomes (swapt letters) and one glitch with a greenhouse guy's answer. tldr thanks for all the fish... edit: if you still need a beta I'd throw my hat and editing pen in the ring. EDIT2: I'll eagerly await. Ok one last real bug. Killing the H guy that appears outside Dawn in the flats. Starts ok but after the screen after the battle only stays up for five seconds or so and then the guy is magically alive again :0 EDIT3: Ho boy lost my impossible to continue save so I started this time just smashing all crystals. Got a battle error with Nurgand after gazing at the void and trying to hurt him.
I started reading it but lost interest. I think the story is quite boring, also, doesn't have a lot of meaning. There is not a lot of action (at least in the beginning, as far as i got).The language is pretentious, sometimes difficult to understand. I appreciate the devs effort, but I'll uninstall.
Ryland 5
I don't normally write reviews, but I have to make an exception in this case. To put it simply; I LOVE this! I wish there was more... The story is rather confusing, but I enjoyed being thrown into the story clueless. And I'm sure that playing it more will help resolve the clulessness. (I'll definitely have to buy the full game when it comes out.) Either way, excellent writing! And may you continue to grace this Earth with your content.
Beki 4
This was a deeply confusing and entrancing experience. The kind of game I haven't had for quite some time. This could be a fantasy suspense or mystery game, but it defies genre just as ardantly as it deifies detailed worldbuilding and exploration. If you want an interactive narrative you'll be thinking about as you go to sleep, play this. I do think that things could be a little clearer, because I ended up making several choices I didn't want to simply because I didn't know what was going on and what impact each option meant. Also didn't get why character names were displayed without having been introduced yet? The music and graphical design are wonderful, involving without being distracting. Appreciate the option to change font. Not sure I find the portraits effective. I think I plan to get to know this game better.
Jazzy 1
I couldn't get past the terrible writing. Poor word choice, grammar and punctuation. The sentence structure was atrocious.
L 5
Small bug with logria after patch. SPOILERS. If you attack her after you get in through the other way with resurrection and have corruption on you, you go back to the sanctuary (already different than getting kicked to the waste from previously) and you go back over the bridge again to knock, she's alive again and it says she's upset (aka planning that final attack) but dialogue box says she's dying to her injuries and the mage is back again… rinse and repeat Edit: Yup, totally am 😜 pretty much a junkie at this point Other edit: dude you should totally watch the live action movies from 2006 then. Perfect everything imo
William 4
I would love it, except it's near impossible to make coherent sense of all the text. Perhaps the translation needs improvement?
Michael 4
Love it, but it is malfunctioning on my Galaxy S4. It skips steps and won't let me choose. :(
Been a while sense I had this much fun with a story.
oliver 5
I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. The story is immersive and compelling, though it can be hard to follow at times, if like me you don't play every day and have a lot of other things to remember. A couple of thoughts, with how small the buttons are on my phone i frequently end up pushing the wrong button, or another one is I'll push a button and nothing happens then I'll push it again and then it goes but it will have selected the corresponding option on the next page. not sure if its my phone or the a lag in the game. another thought that i think would be awesome is a in game way to take notes or clips of things for later. I've started keeping paper notes as some times its days between when i play.
seeker 5
So far it's good. The only problem I have is that after you kill the mage of the first town and you get killed by the guards, when you return to life and use the farcasting glyph and return to the town (tried it this way because the town got locked down)... the mage is alive again... aside from that it's a good game.

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