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Combines modern mobile gameplay with the fun of the classic RPGs!

Build and fortify your city with towers and weapons?
Train your warriors for combat with other players?
Grow and raid for resources to level up faster?
Join guilds and form alliances to take out strong opponents?
Win trophies and bask in the glorious spoils of battle?
And…oh yeah, don’t forget to feed your DRAGONS!
√√Double Check!

Combining modern mobile gameplay with the fun of the classic RPGs, Dragonstone: Kingdoms takes both genres to an exciting new level. The classic RPG gameplay makes this more than just another 4x game. In addition to city building, tower defense, and PVP alliance warfare, there’s a story mode where you can fight monsters and advance through levels to recruit new heroes, capture bosses, and gain additional resources.

With standout original artwork, a balance of attacking and defending mixed in with the fun of the classic RPG, and an entire world to explore, Dragonstone: Kingdoms is the best of both worlds combined.

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Cheryl 2
It is definitely a money game, like most war games it is for people who can afford to spend money to gain the power to rule and do away with the ones that can't. It glitches a lot and support will not respond. They need a server. I gave it a 2 bc it could be fun if they would limit the money that can be spent per week, reply when you write. One last comment the kingdoms will die out ,mark my words. Ive played wars games over 5 years, it happens everytime
Red 3
The game is fun to play but the support is brutal. For 3 days I cannot connect to game. Emailed several times to find out what is going on NO reply. The worst customer service of any game I have ever played.
StormTrooper 1
The game won't load since last update. For a pay to play game the devs should use the MONEY for better support. I've sent emails to their support site that are returned saying DOES NOT EXIST. It's not right that there is no support for this game. Simply pathetic.
Jeff 1
Full of pay to play players and guilds. Extreme bulliing happening in this game, by these players. Game is glitchy as hell especially PvP! You'll be mid battle and the autoplay constantly takes over. Then proceeds to lose the match for you damned near every time. Not to mention once your noob shield expires you're fodder for the high level players who've spent thousands of dollars just to be top players. I just tried PvP again, was winning then autoplay hijacked my play and killed me. Yet when the computer plays for the enemy it always targets weakest or more damaged player, not random, yet when it plays my character it avoids targeting the near dead character. This is F'n B.S.!!!!!! Once again, tried PvP, then autoplay timer takes over guaranteeing my inevitable demise. How about you Meatheads disable the stupid timer to autoplay in PvP, when the player is obviously online?
Josh 1
Pay to win. Higher levels just dominate over lower levels making it nearly impossible to progress without spending lots of money. They need to add a level range of people you can attack. Until something like that is added, the players spending the most money will always dominate the game.
Tory 1
Was going good until it kept freezing up whenever I try to enter the adventure screen. Can't progress or level up my characters anymore because if the freezing issues. Uninstalled...too bad I guess it was fun while it lasted!
Dave 1
The game is fun enough but no point when it is always crashing. I getting booted several times a day because of so called "Server Maintenance". Some times the game is down for minutes and sometimes much longer. Worst of all is that the last time I got booted and I was finally able to log back in my game was glitched and now I can't really play anymore because half my stuff is was rendered unusable. I enjoyed it while it lasted though I am just glad it glitched itself before I dumped a lot of cash on it... What a waste that would have been.
John 4
Well first thing is the there needs to be more resource plots on the world map plus maybe monsters to kill using energy biggest thing though is sharing resources with your guild would be a bonus ..maybe more ways on getting in-game currency for free players apart from that it's a well rounded game see me meeting a good amount of friends on here 😁😁
Jerry 2
Why is the force closing getting worse.. can't do adventures, pvp, or even open chest.. you have till the end of the year.. hope you appreciate the money I've wasted..
Bill 1
Hate a game that won't load after you paid Lots of money, I haven't been able to log in for days now... No way to contact support when it auto closes the second you try to open it.
Tiffany 2
Collapses every time I try to fight with my heros. This is so disappointing because if it ran well this would easily be one of my favorite games.


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