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Wake up to the battle. Enter the Augmented Reality MMO universe of Delta T

There is no good, no evil, only time.

The time has come to step up and battle. Enter the location based Augmented Reality universe of Delta T and fulfill your destiny of becoming a Timekeeper. The battleground is all around you, it is ever changing and treacherous.

In this dystopian future the four Megacorps rule supreme, a great war looms on the horizon. It threatens the end of human civilization as we know it. The only way out is to end the war before it even begins.

Erase the timelines of your rival Megacorps and claim control of the String Network. The Megacorp that masters the Network will emerge victorious and will shape the future of mankind.

Pick your Megacorp and fight for the future you believe in.

Shape the narrative with your gameplay
This story is driven by you, your decisions impact the game worldwide. The storyline is based on the concept of timelines. Actions of players on a large scale can impact and swing the plot of the story.

Plant and fortify bases in the real world
Build and customize your base with mods to create an impenetrable fortress. The range of mods in the game allow you to customize your offense and defense capabilities.

Plan your urban expeditions using Camera AR
Project the gameplay map onto any flat surface and extract the maximum from every hour of gameplay. This is espionage on the go, use the navigation system to optimize your gameplay.

Master the skill tree to hone your abilities
Unlock skill points as you progress, level up your skills to match your gameplay style. You are free to pick and choose which aspect of gameplay you want to focus on. Aggressive, Defensive, Strategic it’s all on you.

Collaborate in Cluster Battles
Devise the perfect battle formation and lead your Megacorp cluster to victory against the enemy. Connect your base to allied bases to form the most powerful cluster. The wrong formation can lead to a crushing defeat even if you have a bigger cluster.

Strategize on Battlemap for the ultimate tactical advantage
Information is power in the future of warfare, gather real time data on your enemies, strategize and simulate battles using web tools. Scope out the battlefield before venturing into battle.

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