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Coloring Book for Adults

Pixel is the best coloring by number book for adults!

Lots of pictures with animals, flowers, fascinating patterns will help you to relieve stress, develop color matching skills and bring out your inner artist.

Color by number coloring book is excellent for relaxation, meditation, developing concentration and provides a wide range of beautiful pictures, allowing you to impress your friends, family and the whole World with masterpieces!

Pixel brings to you:
- A great variety of coloring pages for any taste: in our color by number app you can find beautiful pictures of Animals, Birds, Flowers, Patterns, Mandalas, Places, Food and many others;
- User-friendly interface: enjoy intuitive design and smooth performance of our color by number app;
- Quick sharing: share your coloring by numbers pictures with friends just in one tap;
- Lots of amazing content to explore: the collection is updated weekly with new pictures for you to color;.

Pixel is also a fun coloring book, which helps to develop fine motor skills, introduces numbers and colors, teaches accuracy and precision.

Painting by numbers is an easy way release your inner artist: you will always get a harmonic work of art as a result of the coloring process.

How to use our color by number app:
- choose the picture you’d like to color;
- zoom it and you’ll see it consists of lots of small boxes with numbers inside;
- look at the number inside the box;
- pick out the colors according to numbers and paint the boxes;
- done!

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Latest Ratings

Dawn 2
It could be ALOT better! The brush tool is hard to control and it's slow. I've use similar and better apps. Loose the brush tool. Make it so you can do what the brush tool does, without the brush tool. PS: I can't figure out how to color in the background, like it shows in the examples above.
xXlilberryXx 4
So we're do you get the brush I'm sitting here putting them 1 at a time I tried taping the pencil but that dident work. Do you get it later in the app? Or is my game glitched? It's a good game, but I wish the brush was easier to get.
alyssa 4
It's a good app but I have another one kinda like it and I like that one better only because on this one when you click on a number and you're zoomed in, it doesn't highlight the number they all just stay white. And when you get done coloring all of the squares with the one number, nothing tells you when you have colored all of that square. Could you please fix this?
Laura 1
Rubbish high cost subscriptions - Thanks for the response. Happy to support a app but the subscriptions are way too greedy. I will happily buy or pay for reasonably priced apps. This apps amazing and so many can't use it because of the scarily high cost to subscribe. - I will check out the new images, BTW the shadowed number disappears when you zoom in it's very annoying as I like to see clearly where I have to colour
Brittany 3
It's nothing spectacular. Wish I didn't have to color each square at a time. Would be easier to be able to do a continuous movement. Will uninstall after 7 day trial
Shannon 3
I love having some great detailed images to pick from, but such a high percentage of the pictures are locked it doesn't feel like the free user is welcome. I do love the buzzing haptic feedback tho.
Colette 3
Really like this app but far too many are locked. And it's so expensive to buy. Will not be buying any subscriptions. Such a shame as it's a good app.
Ariana 5
I personally love this!it takes your stress away and there is soo many pixel drawings you can pick of and if your a kind of person that likes to draw for fun and stress purposes this is the game for you, so i really recommend this game for you! (By the way it has cute pixel drawings and they are so adorable) :3and it has AMAZING quality so yeh what are you waiting for GO GET THIS GAME!! XD
maizatul.madehah 5
I love this app. Very addictive. But the problem is, I have to colour waaaay to many backgrounds because its alot and hard. But still, this app is great ♥
Kylene 5
Its addicting and a great time waster. I have nothing bad to say about it. (Well except for having to pay for more stuff but I don't really care, its fun without it)
Skeleton 4
I love the app but is there a way to make it so you know when you've completely finished a number? I like doing 1 number at a time and it makes it hard not knowing when I've completed a number

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