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Fender Tone creates, edits, manages & shares Mustang GT amp presets & settings.

The ultimate companion app to the new Fender® Mustang ™ GT amplifier, the Fender Tone app uses your Android device to connect to your amp, so you can edit, share or send presets to your amp wirelessly over Bluetooth.



• Scroll through up to 200 presets
• Make changes
• Play it real-time through your connected Mustang™ GT amp.


• More than 60 amp models and effects to choose
• Endless sound options for Mustang™ GT amps
• Intuitive interface & responsive design for easy modification


• Tips and info about amp models, effects details, signal chain basics
• Clear, illustrated walkthroughs and everything you need to begin your tone quest.

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Barry 1
This is supposed to be the 'improved' version of the app. It would not let me sign in, despite several attempts. We finally gave up and clicked 'Skip.' Then, when connecting w/ Bluetooth, the app found the amp, but it could not complete the connection, showing the 'working' icon but never finishing. This, even though the phone and amp were within 1 foot of one another. Then, we closed the app and quit. My son likes the actual amplifier, but this app is useless garbage. I feel more than a bit ripped off. Thanks, Fender!
Robert 1
This app is garbage. The iPhone app has much better functionally but is still buggy. This version of fender tone, however, is utterly useless. I find it hard to believe that companies still don't put as much effort into their Android apps as they do their Apple ones.
Vince 2
Here basically to say what everyone else is saying. This app is essentially worthless, at least at the moment. Can only pick a preset with very limited customization. Hoping an update will be coming within a few days to add and customize effects, save custom presets, and download presets from others... Like we were told. Will gladly change when/if that happens.
Christine 1
I can't even get the app to work. When I try to set up an account it tells me to make sure I'm using the correct email. I skip that and when it tries to find my Wi-Fi it craps out. This is horrible! Not what I expected from Fender.
Tristan 1
This app is completely useless. I can not even change my settings from the list on the phone, I have to manually do it. Mustang GT40 is going back and I'm going to pick up a Katana instead. Very disappointed in my first Fender amp. Even after this new update, it is still useless, and my phone will not switch the amp settings. I feel like this is some sort of unfinished product that Fender was just jumping at the bit too soon to get released. Very disappointed with this nearly $300 amp, and am going to return it soon if this is not fixed soon.
Update: 6/15/17 appears to work very well with ipod touch 6th generatiin iOS 10.3.2 still very dissapointed that I can not get it to work with Android 6 on a Note 4 = ( just lucky to have a friend loaning me their apple product for the time being. Still checking daily for any updates on the Android version... Update: 06/11/17 borrowed a friends iPad with iOS 10 connected quickly and works but still glitchy even on that platform... researched more on web and appears to be the same complaints minimal support for Android 6 will not even load on 4 gives a "not compatible device" error, not sure on 5. Stll giving the Fender app team a chance for support on Android devices with at least os 6 can't see upgrading to $800+ phone or $400+ tablet to be compatible with a $250 amp 42 days and counting till my return to GC expires. For now I'll get more familiar with the amp and it's limitations without the app. Hoping soon for an update... My previous review - Spent 2+ hours following Fender troubleshooting recommendations. Upgraded firmware on GT40, android 7 not available for Note 4 yet... I can pair the amp to the phone and from the phone to the amp, register the amp over and over again but app will not open smh really was expecting a much better launch from the Fender team. My Bronco 40 at least works when connected to my computer even though seems like no more development is going into Fuse... I have 44 days left to see if there will be an update that works before it goes back to GC c'mon Fender make it happen!
Connor 1
Glad i spent 500 on an amp only to find that the apps garbage and wont even open... how can i be using the wrong email if ive never created and account? Seriously fender?
Initial version is completely useless. Fender get your act together with a major update. Your usp of the amp is rendered useless by this crappy app. Can't create effects or do anything as advertised
Kelly 3
Everytime I go to create something the app says loading please wait and gets stuck from there. I've tried restarting my phone and deleting the app and reinstalling it. It still isn't working.
Mark 2
App hangs when trying to create patches, when accessing the Wi-Fi menu & blutooth. Doesn't stay signed in. Unable to download cloud patches using it. not sure what use it is at all.
Justin 1
Still will not get through initial bluetooth set up screen. Android. Updated June 2/2017 still unable to get through initial connection screen location services are enabled.

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