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Drum Beats Metronome will add drumming to your play as it is a metronome that plays drum loops instead of a click!
This drum metronome is designed with simple and effective UI to give you all the fatures of a standart metronome combined with real drums samples. You can easily set the tempo in BPM for the drum loops and play or even record with the Drum Beats Metronome.

The supported range for the tempo is from 70 BPM to 180 BPM. You can change the tempo even when the drum loops are playing using the tempo BPM selector control or the Tap button. The drum beats metronome is useing real drum kit recorded samples in stereo 44100HZ so you can plug your phone directly into the mixer and play or record with it.


* fine tempo tuning from 70 BPM to 180 BPM
* tap tempo
* control for easily BPM selection
* 6 - fast selectable drum beats
* acoustic drum kit sounds
* keeps screen on
* play in loop
* real time BPM change
* free

This drum metronome was created with guitar and bass players in mind but could be useful for any musicians too.
Enjoy the music with Drum Beats Metronome. That is one of the best metronome apps.

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ben 4
Good app Solid app. No permissions which is unheard of. Extra star for that. I play drums, and am learning bass and guitar. This app is almost what I'm looking for, but the in between beats are a little off, and sometimes sound crappy. It still works OK considering it's free.
Animalis 5
Pending... I five-starred it not because it works but because it doesn't need any permissions. I appreciate any app that doesn't snoop my phone so much. If i discover any problems ill touch base, but this worked fine on my old Huawei. Reinstalled on an LG this time.
Jan 5
Nice app! Just what i need for a good practice
Richard 4
Good-but could be better A great tool to help teach/learn , how to keep time. May sound simple to play a instrument and keep time (AKA-Rythm) is so vital when you play, either alone or with a band. When a band is all playing in rythm, some call it "playing tight". Its easy to hear a band that plays tight and one that is not. That is what a metronome does or teaches. learning to keep proper time is the most over-looked aspect of playing ANY instrument. OK, class is over.... This app is simple and basic. Also the different drum beats makes it more fun than just learning to click, click, click, and so on. It is simple, easy to use and gives a few variations to prevent boredom. So it is easy to use. Offers some variety by having several different drum beats. And seems to have no delay. (I use a tablet rather than a phone, for some apps, like this one.) The cons, which are few and not really bad problems. HOWEVER, I have a few comment or suggestions to those who created the app. A) A few more pre-set drum beats would be nice. Like some blues, the blues shuffle and/or a couple variations of the beats that are preprogrammed already. Running out of space. Will try to add more.
fbcpraise 5
Many thanks! Exactly what I've been looking for, drum loops with metronome settings. Tempo/rhythm accuracy is great on my phone; the "shoes in the dryer" comment was funny, but the tempo is rock-solid for me. Interface is very quick and handy to use.
Michael 2
shoes in a dryer keep better time... beat #1 sounds like my 8 year old on pots and pans. maybe try hitting the quantize function after you record a track
Ved 3
Add more beats Plzz make sure dat u add more amazing and professional beats in ua nxt update
Vito 5
Great Excellent. Kids having a tough time following a traditional metronome should give this a try. Really helpful. I'd like it to go slower than 60..
Tom 4
Superb I've been looking for a seperate h/w drum machine to practice guitar with. Now I found this I don't need one as this is ideal, simple to use and also free.
Aaron 5
It works. That's all that matters.
Liz 3
I clicked on the tap button but it doesn't change anything. What is it there for.

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