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Congratulation! Finally, you are preparing for TOEFL exam. As a lot of things depend on your TOEFL test result, much of your TOEFL test result will depend on your knowledge about TOEFL vocabulary. Having a good understanding of the vocabulary will help you ace reading, listening, speaking, and writing on your TOEFL exam.

Our TOEFL Flashcards offers
• Over 320 must have words for TOEFL with photo
• Simple and easy to understand definition
• Plenty of examples
• Audio pronunciation
• Favorite words
• Efficient learning mechanism for mastering vocabulary fast
• Available translation to Bangla, Hindi, and Spanish
• Smooth and easy to use interface

Benefits of our TOEFL Flashcards
• Improve Reading
• Improve Writing
• Improve Listening
• Improve Speaking
• Improve vocabulary

Generally, you have to learn more than a thousand English vocabulary words for your TOEFL preparation. But do you really have to learn that many TOEFL vocabulary words? Of course, no! That’s why we have our expert teachers handpick the words you will need for your TOEFL preparation.

How many times you wanted to learn a certain English word and you can’t really understand what the word means because of the complicated meaning? A lot, right? We especially made sure that it doesn’t happen to you with our TOEFL flashcard app. With each English word you will get a simple and easy to understand meaning, which will surely make it easy to memrise the word.

It’s scientifically proven that if you initiate visual cues with vocabulary words, you learn vocabulary fast and they are stored in your long-term memory. With our TOEFL Flashcard app, you get a visual cue with every word.

Does it happen to you often, when you learn a new word and someone tells you that you are completely pronouncing the word wrong? This is embarrassing, right? We have audio pronunciation with each word that with help you pronounce each word perfectly and correctly so it doesn’t happen to you again.

Isn’t it easy to learn an English word when you know what that word means in your native language? We already have added translation to 3 major languages, Bangla, Spanish and Hindi with a help of native speakers.

To help you easily master the words, we have organized words in three different sections beginner, intermediate and advance.

We have spent years crafting a perfect user interface with an innovative flawless design. Our main goal was to give a great user experience and a user interface that is easy to navigate and improve English.

Who can use our TOEFL Flashcards app?
• Students preparing for TOEFL test
• Anybody looking to improve English vocabulary

Spaced repetition flashcards
A learning technique that incorporates increasing intervals of time between subsequent review and testing of previously learned material in order to exploit the psychological spacing effect. The notion that spaced repetition could be used for improving learning was first proposed in the book Psychology of Study by Professor C. A. Mace in 1932. Spaced repetition was originally implemented through the use of flashcard systems. Luckily for you, we have spaced repetition vocabulary game in our vocabulary builder app which is similar to English word quiz and helps you easily memorize the TOEFL vocabulary words in your long-term memory.

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