IELTS vocabulary: words with meaning and examples

IELTS vocabulary: words with meaning and examples








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English vocabulary builder game with meaning and sentences for IELTS preparation

Are you looking for an English vocabulary offline app to help you with IELTS preparation or to just improve your English vocabulary? Don't worry. With this app you will learn English fast and easy way.

✔ it has more example sentences for each word than any other app in the market.
✔ 350 most important IELTS words.
✔ dual and definition helps you understand each word really well.
✔ it has easy to reach tabs for your learned and favorite words.
✔ Audio pronunciation for each word in the app.
✔ beginner, Intermediate, and advanced vocabulary levels.
✔ Smart English quiz game will teach you words more effectively.

Have you ever looked for a offline flashcard app for English vocabulary without any annoying ads? Well, here you go. IELTS vocabulary builder app has more than 350 IELTS vocabulary words especially hand picked by An expert teacher. Now you don't have to learn 4000 to 5000 IELTS words for your IELTS preparation. Each word has simple English meaning with addition to Spanish, Hindi and Bengali which are translated by native speakers. IELTS vocabulary builder app provides at least 3 sentences with each word which makes easy to learn difficult words of English vocabulary. We offer each word with audio pronunciation that will increase your listening skills and you know how to pronounce English word in voice. The app also provide three sections of quiz flashcard games with beginner, intermediate and advance words. If you find any particular vocabulary word difficult to learn then you can favorite the word and practice it with flashcard game until you master the word. Also you can exercise your learned word list without any trouble.

Flashcard game

This saying is really old…old enough to be one of those Latin phrases that’s engraved into stone somewhere in the sprawl of the former empire: Repetitio mater studiorum est. Repetition is the mother of all learning. So, We have added a repetition flashcard game to learn vocabulary or you can also test and practice your vocabulary with our IELTS vocabulary builder app.

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Look and feel is good but seems that it had more easy words.... Than compitative exams
bennet 4
Gud app...increase the vocabulary lil more
kan3an 5
Shamsituuuu 😍 perfect 👌 ma bro
Sayed 5
This is what I need. Very useful app because it has Bangla. But need more word and a review test system.
Saroar 5
This is really really really a cool app for learning words. Pretty good. Love ❤️ to learn from here. Thank you for making the app too easy for everyone. The app never feels you be lazy while learning from it. The system of the app is decent. We can learn very easily from it. It keep me in running and never let me bored while learning. Its a great system...
Vamsi 5
Best app for learning vocabulary
Venkatanaveen 5
i like this app...But Sometimes I can't Able see the example sentences Clearly It's Due to the mark( the mark which is used to move to next word)...It covering the sentences. =_=. I sent the Screenshots...To your mail. I hope I will get the reply soon. I'm Really Happy to found this App ^_^
I love your apps! But please do a pay version with some options like free ads and download images on storage for better speed and practice without internet connections.. THANKS!
Naeem 4
It's a good but need to be improved. There should be a separate section for test and repetitions of word must be increase.
نئو 5
Great! But needs improvements keep it up please, make an option to create profile and store our learned words in the cloud...
Abhijeet 5
This app is definitely recommended, it gives you the meaning of word, then push you to learn them and gives a score immediately. Thanks Team!!

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