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By FourThirtyThree Inc. Category Strategy #4

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BOOM your enemies with your troops!

Enemies up ahead Commander!
Plan out your strategy and the use of Battle Point to outstrip your opponents with your troops in the extended battlefields!

Go all out BOOM with the newest RTS type mobile game! Be the commander to your always ready for action troops and epic units and lead them to glory!
Take control of the battle and be ready to bring on the BOOM with over 70 different types of units. Whether it is swarming the opponent with infantry troops, blasting your way through enemy defenses with tanks or surprising the enemy with exploding rats!
Do whatever it takes to be the one with the best strategy and to emerge victorious!
Battle it out and become the most feared commander and expert strategist.

- Global real-time strategy battle!
- Enjoy the vast and panoramic battlefield and adapt your strategy.
- Bring on the BOOM with over 70+ units and weapons at your disposal!
- Join forces with your Legion members and battle your way to the top of the world!
- Enjoy the face melting graphics!
- Limitless strategy to blow up your enemies with the use of tanks or unit-producing buildings.
*Disclaimer: BOOM is not an addiction, it’s a necessity!

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Latest Ratings

Scott 3
Game is alright but you need to have more control over your troops the random order of the deck sucks. Just makes what could be a fun strategy game more frustrating than its worth. There is no strategy it's all luck of the draw. If they change this I might download again but for now it's got to go.
Alex 4
Amazing game BUT! when enemy troops have so much health that they withstand a rocket and yours dont, its frustrating. Especially when you calculate your strategy based on that rocket killing those snipers..
Mochammad 1
Regenerating point make this even worst.. opponent can put 2 tank cost 100 within second and then in 2 second can put 2 bom cost 60. im not stupid i know how to count. how can that be possible since total regenerating point has been used so many before...
Arul 1
I don't know will the creaters read it or not but they are just greedy guys. Don't install this game, it's created for money looting. You won't get the needed card at the right time and you will loose all the time. Waste of time and energy.
Serge 1
EDIT: absolutely unplayable on Wi-Fi. New "update" only made it worse. Character limit will not let me list everything that is wrong with the game. Uninstalling shortly.
Jacob 5
It is a great game. But what I dislike is this game are lack in deck. It was will become more popular if the battle deck get extended or unlimited. Maybe your need to fixed it.
Sean 3
Over all good game how Eva lot of the time it appears fixed or rigged is highly flusting to there's a few thing that would be good to change to make it better stragagey game like playee picks how the cards are delt different way of upgrading each card SATs so much more
Joseph 5
Game is awesome. You don't need to spend a single penny to have weeks on weeks of fun. Strategy and balance similar to clash royale, but with a LOT more units to choose from and MUCH faster progression.
Jasdeep 5
Love it love it love it! Drains all my battery but thankfully doesn't drain my data. So addicted.
Francis 5
Great game..advises strong i-net connection...feel annoyed when disconnected in the middle of the fight..
Ronnie 3
Oreo 8.0 you are required to FC the app to stop it from always running in the BG.


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