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Match gems and plunder yer way through hundreds of puzzle levels!

Ahoy, landlubber! Ready to set sail with the bravest pirate on the high seas? It’s time to plunder yer way through hundreds of puzzle matching levels filled with precious loot. Build mighty ships, pillage wealthy ports and construct gold mines while perfecting yer puzzle-solving and buccaneering skills.

Yer first task: swap and match gems to complete the level before ye run out of moves and must walk the plank! If ye succeed, then ye must use and combine special boosters and power-ups to blast yer way through hundreds more levels, complete with boatloads of pesky obstacles and special puzzle-solving tools. Take on this fearsome journey alone, or play with yer mates to increase yer haul. Think ye to be a real swaggering pirate? Then weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!

While this game is absolutely free to play, you have the ability to unlock optional bonuses via in-app purchases from within the game. You may disable in-app purchases in your device settings.


● Conquer hundreds of puzzle matching levels over 20 swashbuckling chapters
● Defy the odds with lifesaving boosters and clutch power-ups
● Play with yer best mates and see who can capture the most loot
● Build ships, construct gold mines and assemble the best crew around
● Get regular free updates with thrilling new levels, features and more!

COMPATIBILITY NOTES: This game performs best on high-end smartphones and tablets.

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Expat 3
Enjoying the game but wish there was more opportunities to gain rewards other than buying. Also each time you play you only have 5 lives which makes it short lived if you can't complete the game if no diamonds in store, which again you have to purchase if not won. When losing a game to continue without losing score costs 12 diamonds or you lose a life. Graphics good and game concept good too. Would like more ways to gain rewards.
Brenna 1
I would have given the game 5 stars a week ago, but it has now been a week since I have been able to open the game without it force closing. I have done the most recent updates, cleared the cache and force stopped it myself. Would be nice if I could actually play. I also have submitted feedback EVERY SINGLE TIME but I doubt you guys even read that.
Sharon 5
This a awesome game , there is always something to do. It just one game after the other and it keeps you on your toes. Your playing against other players but I find you try each time to better your own score so your playing against yourself always trying to do better then the last. There are not a lot of games like that anymore, I hate to put it down and take care of my family. Hahaha
Tanya 5
So far its Fantastic! I'm loving it! Super fun. Not too easy, not too hard. It is slightly different from most match 3 games in the flow of the game & boosters. It actually has a story line, plus lots of lil bonuses. I'm addicted!
Izzy 3
I don't know. Why do you have to go back to the same levels you just went through to complete a goal. And why does there have to be about ten different goals? When u finish one, two or more pop up. It seems I'm moving backwards more than forward. Its OK other than that.
Chrys 2
The levels get too difficult too quickly. So much so the power ups are needed for early levels that all gems are used up within the first 25 levels. This game was obviously created to be a pay for play. The only games I pay for are ones my gaming systems. This game hasn't caught my attention enough to want to continue playing with it as difficult as it's is. I like a challenge, but this is ridiculous.
Stephen 5
My second match-3 game and I'm enjoying it. My first one was by developer Outplay and I unistalled as their "creeps" TD apps are way too hard. 2-3 hours in and I'm liking this app. May the love continue!
Dawnmarie 5
Love this game, only thing is I wish they would give you more lives, & on the special treasure, if I make it to level 4 & don't get it, I should be able to just repeat that level, rather than starting all over at level 1 again, but I do love this game, it is very challenging & alott of strategy, makes the brain think!!!! For those of us getting older that's a great thing!!!!! :) Great game I would recommend for ppl to try it!!!
Judy 2
At first the game is easy. It would be nice if the features were explained. Having to play the same levels repeatedly gets old, especially when all your lives and bonuses still doesn't complete the levels. Very frustrating to play for several days and make no progress.
Shelli 4
I really enjoy this game so far. It actually makes you want to play because you receive rewards for winning, not having to pay out for boosters to be able to clear boards.
Patrick 4
It would be nice if the beer stiens were available when I started the game & went through the first 10 challenges. Also it would be nice if there was a reference screen as what each of the boosters did.


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