Secret Kingdom Defenders: Heroes vs. Monsters

Secret Kingdom Defenders: Heroes vs. Monsters








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By Doppler Hat Games Category Role Playing #10

Description & Details

Journey to a land of treasure and danger in this beautiful grid defense game!

A young monk is making a fateful journey westward, but he can't do it alone! Along the way, he'll encounter deadly monsters, friendly pigs, flying dragon knights, and greatest of all, a mischievous Monkey King determined to test the monk's strength of will...

A classic Chinese tale comes to life in this fresh take on the classic hero defense game. Choose your defenders, arm them with powerful gear, and use their unique abilities to banish the forces of evil!


*Fast-Paced Strategy*
Flex your fingers and get ready to dominate the battlefield as you lead a team of Heroes in real-time combat!
Swipe to send your team forward, pull them back, or collect items as you position them for the best use of their ultimate abilities!

*Fantastic Gameplay*
Recruit Heroes, Gods, and Villains! Defeat Bosses and gain them as your allies! Train your team and outfit them with ancient weapons, magical rings, and spirit animal companions!

*Epic Storyline*
Travel across a huge world map, battling dozens of different enemies with unique and tricky abilities, before facing off against the Evil Eternal!

*Multiplayer Combat*
Take the fight online for bonus loot! Craft your perfect defense before going on the attack to conquer rivals and climb the rankings to the Heaven of Heroes!

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3.0 and up
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Rated for 3+
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100000 - 500000
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Latest Ratings

Ralfh 5
Good game for having a good break after work.
asd 4
Nice game but need to pay to progress.
Rendy 5
After the update it's running smooth....
Craniac 4
It's an amazing game I love it to bits but what I don't like is how unreasonably hard to get jade without spending real money. Especially when it gets to the point where it costs jade to upgrade heroes.Also can you add a way to see which item is needed to evolve a hero. If these are changed I'll rate 5. Thank you for helping me recover. I'm now rating five for your great customer support keep it up guys .
Alex 1
weird pvp.. my team power is 5k plus. lose to a 3k plus team... dont even start with the jade thingy. spend money to get dragon king but still lost badly. badly.. as in other player with 1 char can kill all my 5 char....
Morten 5
Very cute and skilled graphics. Strategy actually matters but you can also go back and level up. Only annoyance is that I can't figure out the Beyond Limits quest (fight a battle with 3 heroes). I've tried both PvP and story battles but that didn't help.
Chester 4
Before I rate this game with 5 star, but now only 4 star. The game was nice and good but since the day it was updated, the game keeps on crashing and hanging, everytime I play it always crash..
Abdul 5
It kept crashing whenever i clicked PVP, can I know why? I don't mind spending money, but the game kept crashing on my OPPO R9S.
Andrew 4
Alittle interesting, but monotonous... Need more tweaking on maybe character voices when fighting and more content... New daily video n promo logo latest update causes game to crash alot
Wai 5
I like the game except one thing, Jade Emperor. His talent & skill are error because he is damaged and dead while using his skill.
Lim 5
Summon sequence is the same for all account, so far young lord, sandy, iron fan... any idea what's the next few summon in sequence? Anyway fantastic game on Chinese mythology which is a very rare genre


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