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Remake of the Classic Idle RPG - EverBattle

Ever Battle 2 is a remake of the classic Idle RPG - EverBattle, which features 24/7 nonstop offline auto battle, easy controls, friendly community, and old-school artwork with refined interfaces. The game is specifically designed for office workers, colleague students, and all busy people who want to play a MMO but don't have much time to invest.

The new version adds the character and new function elf, and more. Available for Google Play.


* 3 basic classes - Warrior, Mage, Archer.
* Classic Idle gameplay with refined interfaces.
* New quests and VIP Levels.
* New Content with Elf and Spirit.

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2.3 and up
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10000 - 50000
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Latest Ratings

Karl 5
Adictive easy to play and fun on the go, a good time waster wether you pay your way or pave your way freely, its still a fun app, even when you are offline your character is still working hard grinding out the lvls and hunting the loots, pve pvp guilds it has it all. All in all a great game for an mmo. The only drawback Ive found is the game tends to crash now and then when ever im converting gems. Apart from that its the same as 1 just abit more flashy
ncode03 2
Tried the new server with a guest account, decided to continue playing, spent $ to buy gems and liked the game on fb. Logged back in with my fb acc and my account disappeared and I was at character creation screen. Thank you. Last I play this garbage. A warning would hv heen nice After some assistance I recovered my account but things like my bag I expanded has go be back to default capacity. Missed 1 day+ of game time, I lost touch with top players no chance of catching up with them, defeating the purpose of playing hard from the beginning of the new server. Found a new game to play, still playing this for fun but not going to compete anymore, nevermind buying more gems.
Seb 1
Exactly identical to a game with a similar name. You're scum.
Johnny 5
An amazing game five stars I originally played this game when it first came out and there wasn't much graphics but now you can watch your character run across the screen and attack they've added more features very great very nice I highly recommend it
Jonathan 4
Youre game is fine!!but ithink its p2w but its okay..alot of games are p2w haha..but the prize of the diamond are to high make it lower..overall its okay so keep it up.
Justin 5
Ok. This game is amazing. It is a Idle RPG unlike most that you play. Each time you level up it makes the game easier yet more challenging at the same time. I'm loving it!!!
Peter 5
I played everbattle one and think that two is even better. Being able to start fresh and do everything right the second time made my game time much more enjoyable.
Matt 2
Eh its ok. So much you don't know. Very p2w
Kenzo 5
Still got some bugs to fix. Like the avatar icon being a warrior even though im a mage. So far the remake is the best!
Arvin 5
I love this game.. Im getting addicted to the game.. Please fix the server.. Every i login its say maintenance.. Thanks.. More power.!
Dr 3
Same as the first one want to make another game that's exactly like the first one doesn't make any sense. It is a pay-to-win game just like the other

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