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A beautiful love story of a couple who meets as a wolf and a deer

Join a dreamlike journey with Nonogram.

Why were they meant to meet again in their next lives, as a wolf and a deer?

And what decision would they make in their sad destiny?

Keep your eyes on them until the end of their sad, but beautiful journey with Nonogram Puzzle!

[ special features ]

- Hundreds of puzzles available.

- Cool design colour dots. ( puzzle logic corrected )

- Ability to store your changes on Google Cloud.

- The puzzle game saves automatically at the end of the operation.

- Multiple difficulty levels (10x10; 15x15; 20x20; 30x30);

- By completing normal and history mode you can access BigMap mode.

- Two-finger zoom function; Zoom out; move around; New undo function

- The more puzzles you solve, the more interesting the story becomes

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4.1 and up
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500000 - 1000000
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Latest Ratings

endless3cho 5
So I've just started playing this but I can already tell that I love it. For those who don't get the instructions it's pretty simple. The numbers represent the number of spaces that need to be filled. Whenever you see two numbers on the same row there is at least one square between the two number of squares that needs to be filled in. If you have 10 you fill all of them in. I apologize if that isn't clear enough for anyone. I await to see how this story is going to progress. I better get these puzzles finished. Great game!
John 5
Just started playing and I've just fallen in love with the game. So relaxing and feels so satisfying when you solve a puzzle and start filling out the big picture! Beautiful art and soothing music makes this game great! The ads a really well placed too. Not intrusive and don't disrupt gameplay or concentration.
Tom 5
I'll redo my review because the previous I went berserk sorry.... But I really enjoyed the game and storyline it really calms me and I enjoy this app and I would recommend this is everyone who understands the concept p.s plz make a sequel with a similar story because romance stories like these hit hard and I fall in love with the story I repeated myself from the previous rating but I redid it so I could thoroughly show how much I love this app. This is the end. Yay. I'm EXTREMELY sorry if I disturbed you... I feel bad now... But thanks for creating this wonderful app I'm grateful. This is the true end. Bye
Jerc 5
Music is very, very relaxing and soothing, admittedly one of the few games that I keep the sound unmuted for during long sessions. The tutorial gives a good grasp on the mechanics, and the rest you can just develop naturally as you keep playing. Went from being 'the game I play to kill time' to 'the game that kills all my time' since its so fun and de-stressing. Also, did I mention the completed pictures of the deer and wolf portraits amazing?
Timothy 5
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Very well crafted game, I love it. Tutorial might be forced, so is a bit of a nuisance to regular players of Nonogram, but I'll let it slide purely because the layout of everything is great, and YOU HAVE A MAGNIFYING GLASS. Thank you! I can't wait to see how the story unfolds, I've just begun. Thank you so much GAMEFOX for an amazing game of such a classic puzzle genre.
Justice 5
I'll tell you. - The graphics are smooth : and not laggy for low end phones. - The controls are easy to understand not complicated. And the help button, thank you. -The gameplay takes time. And time is somthing that many of us can't have all day. So thank you for the auto fill and auto complete action button. But for those who just wanna smoth things out withouth challenge? It's a little bit unfair, you know? -For puzzle type of game, this is a good exercise. Like minesweeper, us who plays this game must trust our intuition and logic. Not a bad game and it is really good. -The mood of the game and specially, the music, helps most of us focus on solving the puzzle. -Overall, this is worth the keeping. Even for many months just to finish the game and complete the story. -Thank goodness, no pop-up ads.-
Erin 5
At first I didn't understand what was going on at all. After I got past the prologue, I played it for a bit longer. And then uninstalled it. But I couldn't stop thinking about the art, and the challenging puzzles. I lOVE THIS GAME! The art is so absolutely beautiful! The love story (which I haven't gotten very far into) is precious. Thank you for designing this awesome, beautiful, wonderful game.
Alex 4
A very good game, i love it.... its quite addictive. And very comfortable to play... but, there are no options in the main menu... also, i want this app to be able to work in background, so that, when i lock the screen during the puzzle solving, the app will not turn off completely... So that, when i will unlock the screen again, i can continue the puzzle right were i left it.
JeanM 4
I just really really want to find settings, to turn the sound off, and set preferences. Ok. I did find it, once I got into the game. I haven't seen a hints option. So far, it has other controls options that I like: auto correct, auto fill, etc. The graphics are really nice. I like having a lot of 10x10 puzzles, cuz I play on my phone=small screen= eye strain on larger puzzles. So far it seems good.
Melinda 5
This is easily the best picross game I've ever played. The controls are very logical, which is great when playing on a small phone screen. The design is very beautiful. I'm usually mute sounds in all my apps but the music this one plays is so soothing I've left it on. Playing this game really helps relax me when I feel stressed out.
Sharra 5
This app is beautiful, the music makes me want to cry and so much gameplay for free. The ads are unobtrusive and I have never been nagged to rate the app like some other games. A really wonderful game all round, not particularly challenging for an experienced picross player but wonderful none the less. English is clearly not the first language of the producers and the story is a little clunky but try to look past that and enjoy the game (the story is still really nice)


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