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Maggie's Movies - Camera, Action! - Android Gameplay

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Help me follow my dream and become a movie director! πŸŽ₯ 🎬

Hi there, nice to meet you! 😃 My name’s Maggie, and I'm an aspiring movie director! Can you help me follow my dream and make it in the world of showbiz?

Growing up in my grandfather's theater, I always had one dream - to become a movie director, and start making movies! Recently I got a job as a production assistant on the set of a real Hollywood movie called "Waves of Love". Will this be my big break? 🎦 🎥

🎬 HELP ME (Maggie!) FOLLOW MY DREAM and make it as a movie director in Hollywood
🎬 PLAY THROUGH 93 ENTERTAINING TIME MANAGEMENT LEVELS, consisting of 72 story levels and 21 challenge levels
🎬 HANDLE BEHIND THE SCENES DRAMA and deal with envious colleagues, celebrity divas, and other showstoppers!
🎬 DISCOVER 6 DIFFERENT LOCATIONS like my grandfather's theater, movie sets, and Hollywood parties
🎬 FILM AND DIRECT MY MOVIE and take care of the actors, the director, the dressing room and the make-up station
🎬 MEET A WIDE VARIETY OF INTERESTING CHARACTERSas I find out who my true friends are
🎬 EARN ALL THE TROPHIES to ensure everyone will be at the premiere of my first movie
🎬 COLLECT DIAMONDS to unlock famous movie memorabilia. Do you recognize them all?

Are you ready for the lights, the camera, and the action?

I've made it to Hollywood! 🤩 I can't believe it's finally going to happen! This is what I’ve always dreamed of, and I can't wait to make my grandfather proud. It was hard to leave him and his theater behind, but I have to follow my dream.

Becoming a director will be hard though. I have a feeling some colleagues will do whatever it takes to make it here... And these celebrity actors! So many divas, and some who are almost impossible to satisfy. I'm not planning on changing, though. I’m gonna stick to my beliefs, the way my grandfather taught me.

With your help, I’m sure I can overcome all this drama behind the scenes and get my show on the road. Together, we're going to prove I have what it takes to reach for the stars! 🌠

Are you up for the role of a lifetime? Help me stay true to myself in this blockbuster time management game! 🎥 🎦

Try the first few levels for free! The full complement of levels can be unlocked with an in-app purchase.

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Elizabeth 1
Its a great game from what i can see in the first two levels but from level 3 it keeps kicking me out of the game in the middle of a level and then when i get back into the game have to do the level over just to be kicked out again. I have done everything you said and it didnt work and i emailed the developer and i have updated the game and no joy!!! Seriously guys your other game are fantastic why is it that this game slipped through the cracks
Katie 3
Like everyone else, crash crash crash!!!!! Can't get past level 7. Wishing I would have waited to purchase but I end up buying all the gameshouse original stories so I went ahead. By the way, Mortimer and Beckett played without any glitches! Buy that instead of this game
To Game house this has been out since February, and its December. Yet you haven't fixed any of the game issues. I buy all the Emily, and Angela games. I was so excited for this, but the farthest I get is level two! You guys want your money, we want our game to work! Everybody is telling you the same thing. We aren't lying. Please fix it!
Olisa 3
Like everyone playing this game i cant even get past level 4 without the game closing me out when im close to finishing level 4. I purchased the game thinking i will be able to at least play through it and im stuck on level 4. Please fix this troubleshoot. Thanks so much in advance.
Tammy 1
I have purchased every game house game, and I am truly disappointed! I bought this game and it kept freezing which in turn made me lose the level. I stopped playing for about a week or two and started back because I thought it was fixed and now the game cuts completely off! I have spent a lot of money on all of these games because I love the storylines and I am afraid to purchase the latest with Mortimer and Kate.
shantae 5
I love game house games and enjoyed playing this one. I have made it to the last two scenes and the game just shuts off completely. I've updated the game thinking that would fix it but it continues to cut off in the middle of me playing. Please fix.
Allison 1
I love Dr. Cares and Hearts Medicine but I downloaded this game and have not been able to start the game. It freezes during the intro every time. Very disappointing.
Lorrenda 4
Doesn't matter what level I'm on it will shut it self completely off either in the middle of the game or at the end. I have to restart it all over again. Other than that I love the game.
Jessica 1
I paid for the whole thing and I can't even get past level 6 because he keeps crashing. I've tried multiple times. I would like my money back because I can't even play it
Nicola 2
It is far far far too laggy to run after the first ten levels and I genuinely struggle. I am incredibly disappointed with it and I just bought it as well. :(
WonderfulπŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ‘° but why we have to buy this game. For this reason I have to delete this game πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜žit is too expensive for me Although I loved it. I played till chapter one , from second chapter we have to buy so I delete it😞

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