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A CCG licensed by Paizo. Start an adventure with your companions in Golarion!

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Unsheath your cards and ready your spells! In Pathfinder Duels, you must use your wits in a fast-paced, fantasy card game full of deadly creatures and ancient magic. Unleash powerful cards upon your foes as you fight them using the unique simultaneous turn-style battle system. Enjoy a CCG inspired by the Pathfinder Universe. Whether noob or pro, Pathfinder Duels has a spot for you at the table.

[Game Features]

Simultaneous Turns
Opponents will choose cards simultaneously before their strategies play out on the battlefield. You must outwit your opponent…as they outwit you.

Iconic Hero Cards
Build your deck around legendary Iconic Heroes from the Pathfinder universe. Buff them for battle by equipping them with various gear obtained from your adventures.

Trading Cards
Trade valuable materials obtained through duels with your fellow guild members to craft rare and powerful cards. Use them to unleash devastation upon your opponents!

Mighty Dragons
Summon mighty dragons to fight by your side with special dragon cards. Although they take up the whole battlefield, they will also engulf your enemies in flames of fury!

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Latest Ratings

Jesse 2
This is a barely functional, glitch-ridden CCG. Several of the core keywords don't function. Spells with 8 lines of text on them appear on screen for 3 seconds, then disappear, with no way to read them once they're off-screen. I only played this for the Pathfinder name, and even that's not enough to keep me around. Guess I'm picking up Hearthstone again.
Chris 3
When I was able to play, was lots of fun. Only complaint is screen size issues. I'm on Google pixel 2XL and the sides of display are cut off. Also been 2 days of me trying to play but I am getting server full error. Like I said it is fun and screen size issue but server full issue is'nt fun.
Robert 1
Idiotically unplayable. The game starts Just too big to play on my phone and has no options to fix it. Also one of the worst tutorials I've seen. And a Bot auto-reply. Don't spend any money on this, there is no one at the helm.
Earl 5
The only major complaint is that it takes some time to find oponants for ranked games... easy to learn and fun. Using the awesome art from pathfinder and sounds from syrinscape... the story and single player games are top knotch i bet the head to head games get better over time.
Brad 3
If it wasn't glitched I would give a higher review. Spent gems to play arena and every time I try to do anything in an arena match other than play a creature it freezes. Have submitted a ticket in game to no resolve
Preston 1
Update: Must have been the network i was on as the game is now loading fine. Just played the tutorial and looking forward to building a deck. Starts up and loads until you get to the Core Rulebook graphic. Nothing for several minutes on both my phone and tablet. Tried to send an E-mail instead of posting this review but it failed to send. Thank you for your action.
Robert 3
Game seems to be okay.. Completed chapter one, but unable to play chapter 2 as you need to be level 2. No leveling XP from PvE content. And 10 xp per ranked match if you win, 0 xp if you lose. And you need 100 xp to get to level 2. Strong pay to win.
Matthew 3
It's a poorly made mixture of mechanics from other games with a PF skin on it. It's playable if you just really love PF and the only reason you don't play other/better ccgs is because of their looks. Tbh, just pass on it.
Red 1
The user interface doesn't react properly during the battle. Slow battle. The battle deployment simultaneous with opponent with reversed cards in a 2x3 board is idiotic.
Four 2
Game has only been out 3 days and ranked is already a cess pool of pay to win garbage. Opening cards is a slow, slow grind unless you drop serious money. I gave it two starts, however, because the non-ranked stuff is kind of fun. Just don't expect to make it far in ranked play unless you're willing to spend serious $$$.
Kevin 3
It can be difficult to select cards so be certain to double check your play before starting a round. Also, the difficulty can ramp up quickly making for a potential pay to win situation.


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