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By Paulina Pabis & Michał Pabis Category Action


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From the creators of "Eyes" - dark sci-fi horror. Confront corrupted A.I.

New spooky sci-fi horror game from the creators of "Eyes - the horror game".

Driven by ideals, young scientist Dr. Laird seeks to secure the global peace using his controversial nanorobotic inventions. Gifted but naive, he accidentally corrupts nanorobots supervisor A.I. program.
Hence, M.I.R.A. is born - self-aware artificial intelligence, malicious and driven enough to follow her twisted agenda ferociously. Do you have what it takes to intercept and terminate her cold, virtual brain?

• Enter M.I.R.A.'s base of operations and try to outsmart her traps and security systems.
• Defend yourself against M.I.R.A.'s twisted biological experiments and monstrosities.
• Move unseen using evasive tactics and Cloaking Module, or fight with brutal force using shock rifle.
• Gather pieces of information (diaries, data logs, e-mails) scattered throughout the mission site to recreate the course of events.
• Experience deep, dark atmosphere of horror and terror with atmospheric ambient music and believable sound effects.
• Refine your avatar with various upgrades to stand a chance against M.I.R.A.
• Unlockable achievements (leaderboards coming soon).

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Joshua 4
The main attraction for this game should be the story, it was very immersive as you try to solve the puzzle of the game. The art is unique and looks nice in the setting. Music and sounds are immersive if you have headbuds/phones. It reminded me a lot of Prey by Bethesda. Well done Pabis', you deserve an applause. The only thing I found annoying was the turning when you are standing still. The only thing I didn't like about the game was the turning. It's much slower than when you are moving and turning
PB&J 4
I liked it alot and ive been following these developers games even from gamejolt and I knew this game would be good and it is. The only issue I have is how long my energy lasted and the lack of save devices because I only saw 3 in three different places. In conclusion this game is good even for an phone game. I praise the devs for their hard work on making tbis detailed game experience.
Rayne 5
Really fun. I started the game this morning and I've been playing all day. I showed my friend and we both had an amazing time just laughing at our mistakes and such in the game. The game itself is amazing. The design, the story, everything. It's a really great game, probably one of the best I've played in a long time.
Melanie 5
Great game! Such a great story, and the graphics were great, considering the resources many indie devs work with. Also, I really really REALLY appreciate that I didn't have to pay for extra boosts, thanks to the lockers throughout the level. Can't wait to play their other games, and I anxiously await new games as well!! (^_^) Keep up the good work, guys!
Mircea 4
Lovely game with an awesome System Shock vibe. What I don't like are the finicky movement controls which sometimes get stuck. Not good when you're trying to dodge cameras and biohazards.
hamza 5
Just ended it. This is a pretty good game. The graphics are nice, the story was good, the gameplay was decent enough. The atmosphere was pretty awesomeand the soundtrack did a great job in making that atmosphere. I wish the look controls were a little better and there should've been a better save option. I had to play this game from the start 4 times, because I always left it in the middle for work. It takes an hour to end this. So make sure you are free before playing this. 😂
Its really good but I can't see the monsters around me pls add some brightness and pls let us see the monsters its hard coz the monsters are invisible
Cupcake 4
The game is super great but the cameras still detect you if there destroyed and you should but more batteries
Faruqi 5
The horror game that ive dream of . But its a little lag for my phone. But im very confused to play some of them i didnt understand how to play.
Ellie 3
I'm not a big fan of energy-based gameplays but other than that aspect, I don't really have much to complain about, especially in an indie game like this.
Alondra 5
The first couple games were mostly me trying to get the nanocoins and figuring out how to survive. After the 5th try, i finally got a technique and finally enjoyed the game and the story behind it. Of course it was very elaborate and cool concept. I really enjoy this game!!!


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