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Description & Details

A colorful game with fabulous geometry and lovely shapes balloons for everyone!

It is a simple, colorful, and quite an addictive balloon game. You need to be very smart and watchful to play color catcher balloon game. It is a fun-loving balloon game that is not just for kids but for everyone. The game has fantastic graphics with original music effects. This color catcher puzzle game has two games modes; level mode and endless mode. The game target is to catch the color with the same color balloon. The gameplay of this balloon game is easy at the start and has one color band with simple geometry. However, it becomes difficult with the passage of each level as more color bands will be seen there which spin quickly in different patterns. This color match balloon game is challenging and fun loving to play. It has many cute colored balloons that consist of different shapes to play with. This color catcher game is especially for those who love to play with a balloon and want to enjoy colors in life.

It is easy to play color catcher game for kids those love to play kids balloon games. It has many levels, colors, music, and cute balloons to keep your kids engaged and having lots of fun. This color balloon game is also helpful for kids in learning shapes and colors, matching, and many more things. This game is genuinely for adventurous buddies as the colors spin in different patterns and even in two & three color bands with different geometric alliance each time. Right timing and precision are required to tap the screen to catch the color with the right colored balloon in this color puzzle balloon game. This balloon arcade game is available for free to play for all users across the world.

For the user point of view, the game is thrilling and exciting as it has various shapes of balloons like heart balloon, happy face balloon, star balloon, cat balloon, and many more. Users can easily buy these special colored balloons with gems. They can collect these gems in levels and also purchase gems with in-app purchases. Each time users pass a level they can win a gem as a reward. Users have five lives total for the game. However, later on, when lives finished, they can purchase them with gems and by watching a video or otherwise can get one free life after every 30 minutes.

How to Play

This color catcher balloon game is easy to play but required concentration and calmness as it is a bit tricky while hitting the color with the same color balloon to catch it. At first, the user needs to select the game mode to play; level mode or endless mode. After he/she decides the game mode, the level appeared on the screen. A spinning color band having different color strips with different geometric alliance comes on the screen at the top side while at the bottom side a different color and a specific shape balloon will appear. The user can catch the color with the same color balloon by taping on the screen and in each level by doing so can collect a gem.

Bonus Features:

o One free life in every 30 minutes.
o One free life by watching a video.
o Funny and cute balloon characters.
o In-app purchases to unlock different balloons.
o Level mode and endless mode options.

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