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Brings you back to the Glory Days of the Arcades when Shoot em ups reigned!

Galaxy Storm is a Retro Space Shooter - Collect your bonus power-ups and use them to destroy the alien invaders from space and alien bosses!
Inspired by classic arcade games

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★★ App Weekender Pick - ★★
4/5 Stars – A solid, entertaining and challenging shoot ‘em up, Galaxy Storm is a great homage that old and young should try out. -

Fast Arcade Shoot em up (Shmup) in the style of classic retro games.
Power-up with Blaster rapid fire, Plasma cannon, Side guns etc, Deluxe Galaga ships ,Shields and more...

★ Easy to play, Hard to master
★ No Ads or IAPs
★ Fast smooth shooter action on phone or tablet
★ Includes Power-ups and Bosses!
★ Great sound effects and soundtrack
★ Retro arcade feel
★ Global Scoreboard (to get on it score over 5000+ points)
★ 3 Control modes (Buttons or 1 Finger Drag or 2 Finger Drag)
★ Score bonuses for killing charging enemies
★ Optional CRT scanlines!!
★ Responsive controls
★ Multi-touch with fire button on top right of screen

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*** Controls ***
Button Control:
Left / Right / Fire buttons on bottom of screen
Drag Control:
1 Finger Drag Mode: Touch bottom screen to have ship follow your finger
2 Finger Drag Mode: Touch bottom screen to have ship follow your finger and tap screen above the ship to fire.
2 Finger Side Mode: Move and fire your ship by pressing each side of the screen
Includes the tricky "Alien-Dodge" from classic games plus "Chase the Flagship"

Works well on small or large screens

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Android Version
2.3 and up
Content Rating
Rated for 3+
Installs (Google)
5000 - 10000
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Latest Ratings

Grant 2
Really don't like the control options.
Rigid controls, difficult to play
Mitch 1
Poor graphics, controller could be position better. Waste of time
Sergey 5
Great game! Could you fix the control method to be saved after exit.
I thought this was a good game but its waste of time
John 2
Great game however 1/21/2015 same issues>>>Great game however!! Does not give correct lives after each stage. Power ups only work 30% of time. Extra life's after each stage usally not given.time clock for Allen kills pulsating off rocket firing more often than not.. Making hitting Allens difficult at best.allens target zone 3 times bigger around rocket. Hits on Allens that are very close so no register the same for rocket.The graphics and controls are great. Software has along way to go. Lots of friends 4 and 5 star ratings
Thái 5
Old and classic game but it's worth playing I remember that when i was a child, i always played this game on my video game machine. And now, i can play this game again, it makes me feel a lot of memory coming back. This one works well in my phone, the music is not bad at all and game mode is classic. However, i recommend to make it easy to control battleship by tapping 2 side on the screen in stead of 2 small directions below.
David 5
Nice! One of the best Space Invaders type games on the Play Store! Really brings me back to my childhood. Recommended to anyone who loves a good space shoot'em up!
n 5
I love this game so much I think this is one of the best space game in the store. The best thing is that it makes me remember my childhood which I play game all day. There are a lot of memory coming back. Thanks guys.
Kevin 5
Nice game My friend Jack knows I like to play this kind of classic space shooting games so he recommended this game to me. So much fun. I want to thank him as well as the developers for creating such an addicting game.
Gabriel 5
Really fun! I didn't get to play this game growing up, but I see what the fuss was about these space shooter games. Really fun and tempted to beat my high score!


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