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By Ghost Rabbit Category Casual #5

Description & Details

Cooking Witch is a addictive free time-management game.

Cooking Witch is a addictive free time-management game where cooking can be achieved with magic on the fantasy land!

Different food will be cooked in different places in our witch restaurant and be made with different cooking methods in different environment accompanying the witches’ trips. Different food materials are used to cook fantasy food.

We will meet with various customers on this fantasy land, for example, mage, princess, bard and werewolf, etc. We will also see magic kitchenware such as fireball, frost, conveying sink and magic oven.

We decorate our restaurant with heart so as to attract more customers. Besides, we also make some magic food, for example, roasting dragon’s tails and ice man-eating octopus,providing you food charm experiencing in this magic world.

We make out a unique fantasy trip of your pursuing food in the game Cooking Witch. Go to see what kind of splendidness your story will bring!

Game Features:

1.Different food

2.Customers with special professional

3.Taking care of your dreamed restaurant

4.Becoming an excellent chef after being bored of acting as a hero

5.Magic cooking experience

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Latest Ratings

Molly 5
I absolutely love this game. It's all the fun of a regular time management restaurant game but with a magical twist. The artwork is great! The controls are a little tricky, but you get over it pretty fast. If you love time management games and magical stuff, this game is a perfect combo and just right for you.
Angelic 5
Controls are a bit tricky but nothing I can't handle. Fun game I suggest getting it if you want something better than cooking mama or cooking craze
Abigail 3
The screen kept blinking in and out at the ghost rabbit loading screen, it never got past there. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but now I have to start over.
bloodstained 4
The game is good but sometimes "ghost rabbit" will pop up on the screen flashing and won't leave even if it's closed. I end up having to reinstall it when that happens
Day 5
Great Great Great!!!!!! The only problem is that in the beginning of the game. It doesn't tell you what to do when someone orders a rabbit ( It's a type of drink )
The game doesn't have a proper controlling system over the game.but its a average good game
Wendy 4
Need to make it easier to get more diamonds not everyone has a lot of money to do that
Crystal 3
Like the game....there needs to be a help section with recipies as you learn them listed
Nurani 3
lts good, but its need more improve.
Lex 2
Bad controls ruin this otherwise good cooking/kitchen game. When you drag items they are slow and sometimes doesnt even register that you moved it at all which ends up putting you behind and ruining your run. Good thing is there is no energy of meter so you can play and replay levels infinitely. Its too bad the movement/controls are so off because it could have been a five star game
Syreeta 3
Okay. First I played this game on my Samsung tablet. I can't see the whole game screen. The people on the sides are have covered by the tablet boarder. This makes it extremely hard to see what the person is requesting. At level 16 the game introduces a blue magic poison , it doesn't provide the poison or how to create it. It is a good game but it I can't make it pass level 16 due to these flaws then the game isn't worth playing.


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