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This is a beta (test) version of the Pro Weather Alert app.

That means that this app is available for the purposes of testing and fixing bugs. It is not reliable enough for daily use. Please use Pro Weather Alert or Simple Weather Alert if you need weather alert notification. You may also use this app to test out the new features.

This app may stop working at any time due to bugs or features in development. DO NOT rely on it for weather warnings.

This is the full version of Pro Weather Alert, offered free in order to test features in development. Most capabilities in this beta will end up in both Simple Weather Alert and Pro Weather Alert once beta is finished.

As this is a beta, I cannot guarantee it will function flawlessly. However, it is based off of the current version of Pro Weather Alert which has proven to be pretty stable. However, part of this beta is to test timer and service changes, which could result missed weather alerts.

The point of this beta is to verify functionality and identify flaws. To accomplish this, the app itself will monitor certain states and conditions, and will send debug data pertaining to those by itself, without user interaction. This data is completely internal app data, and does not include any personal data from the phone itself. The most sensitive data acquired would probably be lat/lon fixes, but those are already acquired when you get a fix for your weather zone anyway, so this is nothing extra. ALL app debug data will be deleted at the end of beta, as it will cease to be useful at that time. If you would like more information about what data is obtained, please email us.

Again since the point of the beta is app improvement, you will be reminded politely, and then endlessly hounded to update the app as updates are available. Once defects are identified and fixed, they have to be out and running to verify, which means people must update. This is made as simple as possible (there will be a button taking you to the market page so you can update).

The beta is time limited, which means after a certain time it will cease to function. How long that is all depends on how well the beta goes. After the beta is finished, the app will be pulled, and you will be free to continue to use the app until it self destructs.

I may periodically pull the app from the market depending on how many beta users there are, as I want to keep the amount of data I am receiving manageable.

Despite all these restrictions, I hope you will give it a try, as it's free! And it will at least do no harm. I always welcome feedback, which can be given in the Troubleshooting screen.

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