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Bond over the stuff you love and make a stuff which people love !

Q. What’s Cardbox? Is it just another social networking app?
A. No…No…No ! It is much more than that. Cardbox offers all the features of a normal social networking app, but it also solves so many unspoken problems, and it has lots to offer in its next phases.

Q. What unspoken problems?
A. Ever wondered why should your boss or other colleagues see your vacation/holiday pics? De-friending them from your network is not always an option.
Ever wondered why everyone on your friend list can see your comments/opinions on public posts. Creating groups every time to discuss about an event/post is such a pain.

Q. So how does Cardbox help?
A. CardBox is just like other social networking platform like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat but it also has features which will solve your unspoken problems through many special and easy-to-use features.

Cards – They help you manage your content the way you want. Create different cards – one for sports, one for movies, one for fashion, one for vacation…as many as you want. Then add people to each card. These are your card members now. Next time when you post anything, attach the post to cards of your choice. Now only card members of those chosen cards will be able to see your post. VOILA ! Problem solved !

Chat – They help you have closed group conversations . Say you see a post of Donald Trump and want to have a laugh over it with only those friends who would not take it the wrong way. So you create a Group , share the Story, add friends from your list and that’s it. This is what we call talking privately in public…lol ! And don’t worry you don’t have to create a new Group every time, your created Group will be stored and ready to be re-used in a single tap on the screen.

Other amazing features in Cardbox app:

3 timelines : Apart from a regular timeline like Facebook and Instagram, Cardbox has a dedicated timeline (called LIVE) to only live videos. And another timeline (called Story) which shows the posts which will kick-off at a scheduled time. So you can create a post now but decide to make it go live at a later time.

Memes: Create 100s of memes with a single flick and a single tap and share your moments/creativity with your friends. Amazing fun !

Incredible Camera: It is not just a camera, it has features which will make you say Wow ! Integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR), the camera is out of the world. You can do so many things with so much ease !

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