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Puzzles for kids - animals is a free app developed for kids of preschool age. Papas and mamas, snatch the opportunity to transform your smartphones or the family tablet into a virtual playground that keeps your children entertained and gets them acquainted with the diversity of animals in different regions of the world.

Game Features:

- 20 amazing colorful pictures;
- More than 70 different animals;
- Three difficulty levels available;
- Two types of puzzles to select from;
- Funny and entertaining pop-the-balloon mini-game;
- Development of logics, fine motor skills, cognitive skills and memory;
- Help your kid to learn the names of animals that live in five regions of the world!

➊ Intuitive gameplay for the youngest players!

When mama and papa need to distract their children for a few minutes, this free app will help keep the kids entertained! The interface is intuitive, so that even the youngest players will be able to figure it out without parents' assistance. This puzzle-solving virtual playground is based on a simple drag-and-drop activity. If the kids fail to match the element with its shadow, the piece will return to the pool in the right part of the screen. Moreover, trying to match the piece and its circuit with maximum preciseness is unnecessary. Due to smart positioning, the silhouette will accept the corresponding element as soon as you drop it close enough.

➋ Various shapes of pieces & difficulty levels

Each wonderful picture can be composed from 6, 8 or 12 units, with two shapes of pieces available. This allows the child to develop his or her puzzle solving skills step by step, proceeding from the simplest task to the more difficult one. A gradual increase in difficulty is the key to successful learning!

➌ 20 bright pictures to get the child acquainted with the fauna of five regions:

1) The Polar Region: ice bear, whale, seal, walrus, penguins, polar fox, Cevrus deer, etc.
2) The Midland Woods & Lake Region: bear, hare, wolf, fox, owl, hedgehog, etc.
3) The Desert Region: camel, turtle, lizard, fennec fox, snakes, antelopes, etc.
4) The Safari Region: buffalo, zebra, elephant, lion, giraffe, flamingo, etc.
5) The Tropical Forests Region: gorilla, tiger, crocodile, monkey, parrots, etc.

➍ Vibration & the balloon mini game

Each step you make in the game is accompanied by a slight vibration of your device, which is designed to excite the child and increase their interest towards the learning process. After a puzzle is accomplished, the young player is offered a funny mini-game: a batch of colorful balloons fly across the screen – pop as many as you can before they disappear!
Puzzles for kids - animals is a perfect way for the whole family to spend time with their child. Papa and mama, grandma and grandpa can use this free mobile app to help the young kid to learn the names of various animals in a way full of fun and joy. Extending the set of virtual toys into real life, you receive the opportunity to teach the toddler a lot of new words. It will be a great step in preschool education of your son or daughter.

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