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Go Metro to work, shopping, schools or entertainment all over Los Angeles County with our official app. Whether you're a first time rider and would like to find out how to get started or if you travel frequently and need to plan your trip out on the town, use this app to find all of the convenient ways to get there when you Go Metro.

Live Arrivals & Maps – View a live map of your route, vehicle location, and real-time arrival.

MyMetro – Previously visited trips, itineraries, route selection, or stations/stops are automatically saved and can be favorited.

Contextual System Alerts – See alerts and notifications based on your previous trips, itineraries, route selection, or stations/stops.

Customer Assistance & Help – Call Customer Relations, TAP Help, and Metro Transit Security directly from the app. Locations of Metro Customer Centers and TAP resellers are integrated in the app.

Native Trip Planner – The trip planner is integrated into the app and will allow mixed mode transit: rail, bus, bike, park & ride, and walking.

New App Design – Completely redesigned user interface from the ground-up.

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Yani 2
Inaccurate and Crashes I primarily use this app for riding the Gold Line, but I've learned the hard way that it's never accurate. Usually the app is off by 5-10 minutes from a train's actual arrival time and it's not always the train listed in the app. Since I ride the train to and from Arcadia, this is a huge problem since not all trains travel to Arcadia. Oh, yeah, and it crashes every time I open it.
Samir 1
I've used this for years This app used to work, like work exceptionally well with bus eta down to the minute. Now it's a complete piece of garbage. Bus eta times are off, as in completely inaccurate. I'm completely fed up. I cannot tell you enough times that when the app crashes because network access switches from wifi to 4glte it is unacceptable. If someone said I could either put my ear to the ground and listen for the bus or use this app, I'd put my ear to the ground. This is the last time this app will disappoint me.
Clinton 1
Constantly crashes Reducing to one star since the incessant crashing was not fixed with the latest update. Why update the app if it still won't function on a Samsung S6? -- Used to only stop working when you'd switch from one data source to another. Now it crashes every time I get an arrival prediction! Otherwise, it does give arrival predictions reliably from the nextbus feed.
Marilee 1
Unintuitive, almost useless I have yet to have seamless success obtaining accurate, useful Metro route planning and schedule information with this app. I have tried in earnest to make it work for me, but my efforts have yielded "no route found" errors for the simplest inquiries (Memorial Park Station to Aviation/ LAX Station via Rail) and other ridiculous dead ends. Google is far superior for route planning.
James 1
Crashes and Barely Useable This is one of the worst apps I have ever seen. Metro got screwed on this by whatever developer made this piece. It crashes all the time, the complaint form exits when you try to complain, and really it's lacking in basic functionality. Clearly no rider input was obtained for its creation. Any "re-do" would be better. But the bright side here is since you already made a terrible app it can only get better right?
Jennifer 2
Need this app to work again! Please fix. Keeps crashing on my new HTC. It's very useful, but crashes everytime I try to open one of my favorites..
Quang 1
2 major issues with the apps: 1) Incorrect schedule when planing a route. The result includes the bus/train that is already off schedule (meaning they will never come, until tomorrow), or off the official schedule by 40-60 minutes. 2) HUGE battery consumption. 39% battery drain in one complete battery cycle, even without being open once or being in background. It's even double more than the power consumption for my screen. You let me no choice but removing this app. This apps offers no more value than the Metro website (except having nicer mobile UX, thus the 1 star). And charge $1 for downloading publicly available schedule, on top of running ad? I hope the app developer re-evaluate the benefit this app is offering.
amy 1
constant crashes with latest version i have an htc one m9 running Android 6.0 and the app constantly crashes now to the extent that it's pretty much unusable. in the course of launching, clicking on the favorites button, selecting a saved route, and viewing, it consistently crashes four or more times. please fix, people depend on this app!
Jessica 3
It used to work very well, but now since they have updated it, it really sucks!! It's always crashing, logging you off, and it's never accurate anymore with bus schedules, and or it just won't show you any buses at all.
James 2
Hard to believe this is the official app. Still advertises "new Goldline stations coming March 5" and doesn't include the now-open Expo phase 2. They should be kind of embarrassed - you'd think they'd be excite to open new lines and therefore include "update the app" in their list of things to do. The "LA Metro" app from Dixon Mobility is more up-to-date.
Sarah 1
New update sucks! Before I updated this morning, it wouldn't process a saved trip route I use every day, including last night (which was successful). After update, it wouldn't process any trip route. I reinstalled, eliminating all saved routes. Now it won't register any address, intersection, or bus stop # when I try to create a trip route. WTF!

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