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Data Transfer Tool

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Shayan 2
Didn't transfer all messages, thankfully I had SMS Backup and Restore. Ended up with duplicate photos (screenshots) on Google Photos after the transfer. Still many apps don't have their data transferred. Had to log back into ~20 apps, not the most effective use of my time. Oh, and it was going from Nexus to Pixel, so there really are no excuses.
Dan 4
Would be great if it allowed us to make backup files ported to our computers over the usb cable as opposed to only to another is collecting all the data and transferring it anyway, may as well give the people more options to store their date
Elvis 1
Failed for me, from HTC 10, to Pixel 2. Very discouraging. Thank you, Verizon, for offering an app that does work. I have TMobile, lol.
Raoul 2
Fueling iPhone sales yet again. No, I don't own or want an iPhone. Just really frustrated with Google's lack of focus! Going from Nexus 6 P to Pixel 2 XL texts were transferred, it's about time Google! BUT, doing it in reverse (Pixel 2 XL to Nexus 6 P) does NOT transfer texts. It's never been an issue w Apple? What's the point of having a Google phone in the Google environment when Google STILL can't provide this valuable feature?!🤔 Attention software engineers, put down the Cheetos & earn your pay!
travis 4
It worked fine for me, went from Samsung s6 edge+ to pixel 2 xl. Didn't copy messages, not that I care, copyed music, pictures, wifi info. Really can't complain. It's a very intuitive system.
Mangesh 4
Duplicated contacts. Copied from old phone as well as duplicated from Google account. This should not happen.
Aaron 5
Moved everything over just fine from my Xperia XA. Also, the Quick Connect thing that comes with the Pixel 2 XL acts as a charge and sync thingie. I also charged my Xperia XA during the transfer.
Blake 5
Transfer all data from my phone (videos, pic, app data, etc). It then automatically downloaded the apps from the playstore. I didn't lose Nothing on the move to the Pixel 2
Christo 1
Horrible, lost all my text messages a day after the tool transferred them correctly to the device and had already reset my old device. Do not trust this tool!
Daniel 3
For the most part, it worked. Didn't transfer text messages (use SMS Backup or something similar for that). Somehow "lost" some user settings in some apps (but not in others). Most likely, you'll have to reconfigure push notifications since any customer settings you may have don't transfer. C+
Shaun 1
Not only did it not transfer any data (contacts, photos, texts, apps, etc.), it factory reset my old phone so I lost ALL my data! Absolutely ridiculous. There's no way of me ever obtaining that information again so it's lost forever.

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