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Merge and build your very own towns with Merge Town!

Ever wanted to be Mayor? Ever wanted to run a town, develop the land, and see a metropolis grow? Well, look no further than Merge Town!, the newest title from Gram Games. The concept of the game is simple - you have a plot of land, and it’s your job to turn it into a town. Every so often, you’ll be gifted with a house. Each house can be merged with other houses of the same variety to form a bigger home. Every house built on the land will earn you money - the bigger the home, the more you will earn. The more you earn, the more houses you can purchase, and the more you can push the clock to develop faster. Use your spoils to discover new homes, and to expand into all new towns.

You have a singular goal: make your towns the best they can be. The bar at the top of the screen measures development - Merge buildings to earn XP and level up. Higher levels will unlock more space in your plot for you to develop, which will only allow you to develop your town to even further greatness. Once you develop into new towns, keep an eye on all your land, ensuring that you’re merging and developing to your full potential.

Merge, build, and develop your very own towns with Merge Town!

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Dawn 4
Ever wanted to be Mayor? Ever wanted to run a town, develop the land, and see a metropolis grow? Well, look no further than Animal Crossing cuz this game does none of those things. You just merge buildings into better buildings. It is fun, if you spend money so that you're not bombarded with ads. But then you run the risk of being unable to watch ads when you want to to do things like double your earnings or unlock a better building from the mystery box.
I like merging games, but this one has a huge ad issue that makes the game somewhat frustraiting to play. I'll click the store to buy a house and it will auto start an ad video. It's lacking a bit in the story line department too. For a base merging game it's simple and fun, but definitely needs some work.
Gabor 2
When opening the game it loads fine Nd does its idle thing, but I can't tap on anything. Completely 100%unrespomsive. After multiple attempts. Will change rating if game becomes playable before I forget about this review.
Josue 1
Too many useless ads! I don't like being forced to watch ads. Especially when they take up more of your time than gameplay. The game forced me to watch a 15 second ad just to open the store. UNINSTALL!!!
Heather 1
I just bought the level 4 crates. Some were delivered, then it reverted to level 3. I have a screen shot showing that I already had level 4. I cannot find a bug report feature in this game. Please fix this in my account. Otherwise, I love the game. Remember to buy something to fix the ads.
joyce 4
Once you get the concept it goes pretty smoothly except for 30 sec commercials. That's your built in break I guess, I'd like it better without it. Graphics quick. I'm going to stay with this a little while longer or as long as can do the commercials. Different, low stress and easy you pick up once stepped away from.
Good game but zero customer service. In fact they seem to not care at all. I made a cash purchase from the store, but was not given my item, my credit card was charged. When i reached out to customer support, my emails went unanswered for well over a week, no one seems to care that my money was taken from me and no goods we're delivered. Beware.
Pamela 3
The game itself is a fun time waster, but I can't find a way to contact the developer to report ads. This game says it's for Everyone, yet the ads are of adult nature. I shouldn't have to explain what an orgy is to an 8 year old because of an ad she sees for the game Choices in this game. Not cool at all.
Peter 2
Same problem as many, wanted to buy the lvl 4 crate upgrade, now it says there's an error. Hopefully my card didn't get charged. Don't you want people's money, guys? Otherwise nice gameplay.
Great time passenger. My sister was very excited and told me to get it. It looked boring so I said something to the effect of, 'no.' She later told me what it was and I was like, "heck yea!!!" I soon fell in love and played it for, ummm...... 5 hours, Give or take.😂
jade 2
I couldn't even start a town because the game wasn't working. I'm not sure if it was something with my phone but I tried it a couple times and once it says "build a town" and I try to hit "next" it doesn't work.


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