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Ragnarok Mobile RO:Idle Poring - Android Gameplay

Description & Details

RO: Idle Poring is Official Gravity Licensed Ragnarok Original Idle Mobile Game

RO: Idle Poring is an Official Gravity Licensed Ragnarok Original Idle Mobile Game. Reinventing the classic Ragnarok Classes, with over 100 different skills. Intuitive gameplay and amazing challenges! 24/7 non-stop level up system. Play it your way! All day, all night!

Official Release! Classic RO World!
Gravity: Ragnarok Online Licensed Game
RO: Idle Poring brings back the all the classics of Ragnarok Online! Experience the nostalgia of Ragnarok’s original soundtrack, world design, cards, class and rebirth system! Discover the new and exclusive RO: Idle Poring, Pet Exploration gameplay! Everything you love about Ragnarok with a modern touch! This is RO: Idle Poring!

Auto Battle! Level UP 24/7 Non-Stop!
RO: Idle Poring gives you more freedom with the 24/7 Non-Stop Auto Battle System! Even when you are off-line, the battle continues! Play when you want! Play how you want!

Combat Pets! Epic Fights!
Pets will follow you into the Adventure! Take up to 6 pets with you and send over 20 Pets to their own Expeditions! Pets will find Gears and Items in their explorations! Level UP your Pets manually and master the Pet Type mechanics to help your little friends to defeat their enemies and claim various Rewards.

Global Server! Worldwide Launch!
RO: Idle Poring has only one Global Server! Gather with players from all over the world and unveil the mysteries of Rune Midgard! No complications, no server restrictions! Make new friends! Fight new foes! Conquer the Ragnarok World!

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Myrra 5
The game is pay to win(to tell you the truth). But if you are free 2 play player absolutely it will take time and they put some limitation for free gamer, but actually it is a fun and cute game a good game to try. And actually I already spent money here so I am a VIP user. Good game to invest but its so expensive.
Nick 5
Too cheap on diamonds. Gold and items should drop at the same rate while you play, as they do when the game is off..... More detailed help guides. Better translations. The epic steam goblin (or golem or something?) says increases the rate of gear drops, but apparently it doesn't?! I still love this game because ragnarok.... I just..... So many micro transactions for things.... Vip/svip bs, diamonds bs..... I just want to play this game...
jerry 3
Game is good, but never had I played a game that very much lacks game info/help details. Like what the hell are pet skills for? And no details on what those skills do. What the hell is pet polish? What is pet transformation? How are runes used? It totally lacks game guides/info and you have to figure out stuffs on your own. Good game, lacks substance. Im already playing for two months and i still dont know a lot of stuffs. Wow.
Andy 5
Now i give u 5 star for so fast response.. nice job dev. I hope reward costume coin.. lollll.. and one for sure how you get money from us. Juz give us costume box summon pleaseeeee.. and i am very appreciated if u make our character can adjustable our clothes etc. And one more please give us new skill look. Its kinda lame. This is 2017. We need new type of effect
Ceann 5
I wasn't going into the game with any high expectation, but it's actually a pretty fun idle game. Great for if you can only check your phone every so often cause of school or work, just don't get caught by your peers for playing an anime themed game lol!
Jeremy 5
A fun little bit of nostalgia for an old RO player like myself who doesn't have time to sit down and play anymore. It's cute. Probably the only problems I have with the game is that there's only 3 classes, and they're basically all the same. Add in some more variety and it'd be golden.
RJ 5
after the update just now, it's stuck in the black screen with the 2 logos. I waited for 10mins and it's still there. my internet is stable. i dont know if the game is under maintenance since i didnt received any message or notice about it. if its bug. pls fix. thanks
Niño 1
I already sent a lot of emails to you. Since I got no appropriate response from idle poring regarding the error. Error: character data error reach our support. You prevented me from accessing my character. Instead of removing the 3 months vip service that was refunded by Google, you banned my character instead. I already sent a complaint to Google regarding your unfair treatment to your customer.
MechaAnimeGirl 5
Good graphics, and surprisingly addicting. However, my account gets stuck on 80% loaded, and won't go further. It says I have no internet, but my internet connection is perfect. Can you see if this is a problem with the game? And if so, can you fix it?
Jennifer 5
This game is cute. This game is not an idle clicker game, it is more of an update game. You don't really need to invest a lot of time into it to progress far but it does help if you take 5 mins every so often to check on it and do upgrades to your character.
Chris 1
So I loved playing RO when I was younger and was really excited when I saw this. Little did I know though, you cant make a character because there are no available names of any length or any combination of characters(alphanumeric or symbolic) as it says name already exists. It's not just a shoddy catch-all warning, since there is a catch for invalid characters (& being the only one I could find) But using random sequences for an hour has not let me use a name. And the support is currently ignoring my ticket. Which the fact you can access support from character creation is the only plus so far.

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