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Description & Details

Add custom Quick Settings Tiles with automated actions and activities.

Autotiles lets you add custom tiles to your Quick Settings Panel with automated actions and activities on smartphones with Android 7.0 Nougat or better.

Just like with Tasker or Automate, Autotiles brings the ultimate tool for quick and easy task automation via tiles in your quick settings drawer with a nice and easy-to-use interface, friendly with novice users.

Tile Customization Features
✔ Create, edit, and remove custom tiles with a set of actions for its "Active" state and another set of actions for its "Inactive" state.
✔ Custom tile names and labels
✔ 40+ actions/activities to manage your device
✔ 900+ Material Design icons to choose from for your tiles
✔ Compatible with Android 7.0+

Available Actions/Activities
★ Wi-Fi On
★ Wi-Fi Off
★ Hotspot (Tethering) On
★ Hotspot (Tethering) Off
★ Bluetooth On
★ Bluetooth Off
★ Set Bluetooth Discoverability
★ Enable Mobile Data*
★ Disable Mobile Data*
★ Enter Airplane Mode*
★ Exit Airplane Mode*
★ NFC On*
★ NFC Off*

★ Location/GPS Battery Saving Mode**
★ Location/GPS High Accuracy Mode**
★ Location/GPS Hardware Only Mode**
★ Location/GPS Off**

★ Set Ringer Mode to Do Not Disturb
★ Set Ringer Mode to Vibrate Only
★ Set Ringer Mode to Normal
★ Set Display Brightness Level
★ Set Brightness Level to Auto
★ Lock Portrait Orientation
★ Lock Landscape Orientation
★ Auto-Rotate Screen
★ Auto-Sync On
★ Auto-Sync Off
★ Ringer/Notifications Volume
★ Media Volume
★ Alarms Volume
★ Change Default Ringtone
★ Change Default Notification Sound
★ Change Default Alarm Sound

★ Launch an App
★ Close an App*
★ Start Activity

★ Call a Contact
★ Send an SMS Text

★ Start a Timer
★ Start a Countdown

★ Reboot*
★ Power-off*
★ Lock Screen
★ Keep Awake

★ Show Toast Message
★ Play Sound
★ Vibrate
★ Blink Flashlight
★ Show Your Homescreen

* Needs root access
** Needs root access or ADB permission setup

Free Version
This is the Free Version of Autotiles. It is limited to two custom tiles and 3 actions per tile state, supported by Ads. Want more or want to support us further? Check out Autotiles Full Version:

How to use?
Autotiles includes a nice on-screen tutorial to guide you through the custom tile setup steps. Once you have added actions for automation and saved your tile, it will be available in your Quick Settings Panel.

To start using it, slide down to expand your notification drawer and then your quick settings panel. Once there, click the edit button (it's either an icon or text, it varies from device to device) and you will be able to drag your new tile and organize it among the others.

How to find Autotiles?
We belive people searching for the following will find Autotiles interesting: system automation, quick settings, tiles, automated tile, tasker, automate, ifttt, secure settings

Autotiles is available in English, Spanish, German and French.

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Shantanu 3
Why There is No option for LED torch light!? i need that feature
Sayan 3
The target audience of this app is somewhere between Tasker users and those who do not know tiles can be automated also. Good implementation.
Harshith.R.S 4
Sorry 😥, please change the icon

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