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Description & Details

Free Personal Fitness Trainer & 12 Week Program to get Fit and Healthy for life

We believe that people with good health will transform this world for better. It's an honor for us getting opportunities to work with transformers like you.

Key features
★ 1000+ Home and Gym Workouts
★ North and South Indian Diet Plans
★ Water drinking reminder
★ Body metrics tracking and analysis

We help you achieve the following goals
★ Fit & Healthy
★Weight Loss 1⪰ kg/month
★Weight Gain 1⪰ kg/month
★Body Building Increase Endurance
★Body Building Increase Strength
★Body Building Increase Muscular Size
★Increase Flexibility
★Diabetes Control
★Hypertension Control
★Cardiovascular Fitness
★Functional Fitness
★Six Pack Abs workout
★Shape & Tone
★Obesity Control
★Sleep Better
★Bone Strength
★Sports Fitness
★PCOS Control
★Thyroid Control

How it works?
✔️Set your health & fitness goal
✔️Your smart personal trainer will come up with exciting tasks for you every single day
✔️Consistently complete your daily tasks & achieve your health & fitness goal

Detailed Features
▶Customized Workout Plans
▶Customized Diet plans
▶Workout Tracker
▶Diet Tracker
▶Water Tracker
▶Medicine Tracker
▶Analyse your workouts, diet & water intake
▶State of the art workout navigation experience
▶Change goals
▶Analyze goal progress
▶Smart short term goal adjustment
▶Body vitals Tracker
▶All the tools required to complete daily tasks
▶Trains both Men & Women
▶Exercises and workouts that never gets you bored

Home & Gym Workout Options
1000+ workout options (1000+ exercises) to choose from every day. They can be done anywhere you prefer either at Home or Gym, with or without equipment

✔ Full body stamina
✔ Full body foundation
✔ Full body strength
✔ Yoga
✔ Aerobic exercises
✔ Cardio exercises
✔ Kicks & Punches
✔ Biceps
✔ Triceps
✔ Back
✔ Legs
✔ Ab Exercises
✔ Chest Workout
✔ Shoulder
✔ Health Tips
✔ Any body parts combination Ex {Back, Biceps} or {Triceps, Chest, abs} etc.
✔ 10, 20 & 30-minute workouts
✔ Fitness Tracking

▶Start by selecting your goal & setting up your profile (current weight, height & age)
▶Your trainer will come up with short-term weekly weight goal target for you which can be analyzed by regularly logging various body vitals including weight, body fat percentage, lean body mass, BMI value, BMI category, heart rate, blood pressure, Harvard step test, sit & reach, shoulder reach flexibility test, fasting glucose, random glucose, sleep duration, bone mineral density, T3, T4 & TSH. You can get valuable insights on these vitals. You can check how many calories you have burnt in last 7 & 30 days to get motivated
▶This goal will be adjusted by your trainer consistently based on your progress
▶Your trainer will come up with exciting water, workout & diet calorie target for you every day
▶Set reminders to carry out your daily targets
▶Consistently complete your daily tasks & accomplish your goal

Best Practices
Track your daily workouts, diet, medicines & water intake & be accountable towards your daily goal. Analyse your tasks history & make the required modifications to stay on track. Utilize all options of custom diet plans, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, north Indian or south Indian or recommended to complete your diet goal on this exercise app.

Our Mission
We are on a mission to deliver functional, innovative fitness and motivate people to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Fitpaa is a giant step towards this mission which helps you set and achieve your health and fitness goals. This fabulous fitness app is simple to use. All you need to do is select your goal. Our trainers will make sure you accomplish your goal with proper workout and diet plan for you.

App's Premium users can access 1000+ new workouts every day. Access to all other features are same

Kindly provide your valuable feedback & share this app with loved ones by giving us a chance to help them stay fit, healthy & energetic. Our passion is to make you healthy and fit

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