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Escape Occupied France, catch a traitor, and stop a Nazi mega-weapon!

Newlyweds Ed and Marie Hamilton parachute into Occupied France on a mission to smuggle two scientists out of Europe. They meet the French Resistance but things quickly go wrong as ruthless Major Kressler smashes their network. Who’s the traitor? Where are the scientists? What mega-weapon is Major Kressler preparing? Will Ed and Marie ever get a night alone?

Join millions of happy Adventure Escape players and experience the danger and thrills of Allied Spies!

- Stunning graphics bring the beauty and danger of Occupied France to life!
- Explore Strasbourg and the surrounding forests between Germany and France!
- Solve devious puzzles and riddles!
- Get the whole game for FREE! You’re never forced to pay!
- Gather tools and items to aid in your escape!
- Memorable characters!
- Find hidden objects that help you escape!
- It’s free! No registration, no hassles, just download and play.

Uncover the secrets of Adventure Escape: Allied Spies! Can you steal secrets from the Nazis and escape with your lives?

We are a small indie game studio that loves making games. Our Adventure Escape™ series has been played by tens of millions of players. Solve a celebrity murder in Starstruck, discover ancient treasure in Hidden Ruins, and investigate paranormal phenomenon in Midnight Carnival. Search for “haiku games” to find us!


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Latest Ratings

Along 2
Plank puzzle is pathetic.... All planks used to cover the door... Wasted so much time because game is not acknowledging the task.. I even checked with a walkthrough and I did everything correctly.... Don't bother playing unless you want to be extremely frustrated..
Shiva 5
Fantastic as usual Haiku's escape games are the best. Interesting story lines, nice graphics, not too many ads Great game! Keep it up guys
Missy 4
Need to have player confirm before stars are used, have accidently touched stars to skip a puzzle. Challenging
Madison 5
I love it it has been awsome this is the best game ever
M 5
Fun. Some puzzles were quite difficult. Better graphics and controls would be great.
Selena 4
I love how it gets you thinking very mysterious
Kathy 5
I really liked this one! It's as realistic as a game like this can be, and it's not anachronistic, which I love. Things progress naturally without you having to find 17 things in 4 places to go on to something else. It reminds me in a way of Enigmatis 2 and 3, because in all of them you're allowed to do things the simpler way - if you can push something or shoot something instead of trying to find a specific tool you can just do it. Overall I like this one the most of all their games I've played! It's long too, took me 5 or so hours to complete.
liz 5
Such a good game to play. Just wondering if you can make money of this game ? As all the hints or sercerts of this game are showing on you tube . Why dont you stop them from you tube? This is a good game you guys did make time to create this wonderful game and hope to make some money of it but this group of people go and posted the video on youtube made it become their own businese, made profit of it without invested anything in it.
Kristi 5
Ok... I am hooked!!! It's 4am,I should have been asleep hours ago but I can't put this game down! Oh well, at least I don't have to go into work today, lol! Seriously though, this game is really addictive! I keep telling myself 'when I finish this part, I'm going to stop' then that part leads right into the next and I just have to do... 'just one more' lol. It just captures your interest and keeps you so invested in your progress that you just don't want to put it down! Love Allied Spies!!
David 5
Great game! The puzzles are very clever and the storyline is excellent. There's a lot of thought gone into this. So far, I love it! One small suggestion, once you've finished the game, it would be nice if it was possible to go back to previous levels and play them, without having to start from the very beginning again
Sally 4
I love that this game is free, unless you buy stars. Some of the games were very frustrating though and were driving me bonkers. The telephone exchange game was so annoying that I had to buy stars to skip it! I used the excellent Appunwrapper website to get a very good walkthrough. It was good to find a game that doesn't have a fantasy element to it.

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