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By Hamiwito Category Entertainment

Description & Details

Wellcome to the best Lucky Block Mod is an amazzin add-on for MCPE.

Hi there! Please, before use this mod, make a backup of your favourites maps. It is very easy. Lucky Blocks Mod adds a new amazing block to the game that looks like a '?' block and once broken has a chance of spawning something good or something awful.

Lucky Block Mod for MCPE adds lucky gold blocks to the minecraft game which can cause more than 100 random types of outcomes when being destroyed. Sometimes Lucky Block Mod will give you really valuable gear and other times you will have to fight zombies.
you never know what to expect and that makes everything a bit more exciting when breaking the lucky block.

The point of this mod is to give new usage to gold ingots. If you find yourself always stocked with gold but don’t ever use it, this mod is for you. You can now turn that weak metal into Lucky Blocks and let fate decide what comes out. They can spawn anything from useful items to harmful enemies and explosions.

Lucky Block Mod from HAMIWITO Developer is very easy to use and install. It adds a more exciting and intriguing feel to the game as you never know what to stumble upon next.

INSTRUCTIONS (read the assistant in app)
Create a lucky block then repeat the recipe by surrounding each subsequent lucky block with more gold until you get to the max +100 lucky block.
This will significantly increase the quality and amount of items the block yields.

This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB.
The Minecraft Name, Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner.
All rights reserved. In accordance with

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Latest Ratings

Jess 1
Seriously?This game is so stupid.It does not work and there are so many ads and all they show me are instructions.So stupid.With all the distractions I cannot download bed wars and minecraft pe.I don't get it.Just remove all the ads and just let me get in the game like that.So annoying
The 5
It works don't say its bad give it a day or two to adjust to the system it needs time to get use to it since it is ganna be a update to them world don't judge him give the mod time
Its OK I guess its no big deal about it and I don't know what to do with the same thing to do with the same thing to do with the same thing to do all day but I don't hate it all lot
Izzy 3
Its okay I haven't set in up yet but its okay so far
Daniel 5
As assess severe drug fed funny fruit I've I thuggery hefty dssssdkksddlslox
LemonLime456 2
I don't know Who made this but i hate it
Cole 5
It's go oooooooops need more mods like it
dodge 3
I don't know yet I haven't gotten it yet
It was working but then it stopped
AnimalACE 4
I liked it but...I haven't set it up so of its bad I don't really care!
Its ok you should get it has so many chances of luck

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