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Fantasy SF animal action game combined with weapon, magic and supernatural power

Welcome to the best fantasy SF Xwolf game.

Enjoy the most powerful wolf action game, fighting against the alien beings from outer space with diverse magical skills and supernatural power such as missile, bullets, laser, summon and heal.

You can raise your own wolf warrior in open world with space background.
Also, you are enough to get a delight from the battle for survival for defending your life.

[Story Of The Game]
Two possibilities exist...
Either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.
By Arthur C. Clarke.

The 3 unions of the Earth created the new species X-wolf for the preparation of defending the alien beings.

X-wolf genes-linked with powerful factor must save an earth being attacked by alien beings and explore the new settlement in space using their strength with advanced weapon and the ancient magic.

[Characters Of The Game]
1. The realistic hunting game with powerful wolves from the 3 unions.
There are harmonious mountain union, speedy snow union, and cruel wild union.
From among these, select your own warrior

2. Selection of the diverse combat style.
You can use specialized weapons(bullets, missile, laser) for each union also lead your combat successfully with supernatural items such as Blind, Teleport, Meteor and Summon.

3. The best wolf trusts their species and rush into the deadly situation.
If you are in danger or get tired of hunting, you can summon your species and show a stronger functional incorporation connected with electrical ring.

4. Growing system of characters through hunting.
Development of characters depends on victory of the battles and hunting the alien beings.
Attack, defense, moving speed and equipped weapons all can be evolved on your situation.

5. Items of characters and Guardian.
You can put on various equipment on the character. also, you can increase your combat capability through guardian robot that follows you attacking enemy and raising your strength.

6. Special alien planet and differentiated combat area.
In Monster combat area, dungeon-shaped Monster tower, you can join with your friends.
In alien planet with diverse environmental characters such as ice, fire and sand, you can also fight against the enemy.

※ You are not allowed to compensate for using illegal software, deleting the game or the wrong approach of the game.

※ Please visit our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/XWolfGame) or YouTube (www.youtube.com/user/hanaGames) channel if you want more information.

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Microw 5
It would be great if you could have a page on the main menu, on what the powers do. I know most of them but some I still don't know what they do. Overall I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME. And also, could you fix that there are hackers, and soon going to be mods for this game? Is there a way to BAN all hackers and modders?
Dawid 4
The game is very good so far. However, it is not responding on my phone and I don't know if it is a bug or not. 1Games you did well so far with this game, I just had a glitch/bug that makes it not respond. I can admit it as a good game. I don't mind about it been an online game. I don't know why is it not responding though. Sincerely the gamer: MegaXlom
Douglas 2
I waited 34mins for the game to load but when I got back.. it was STILL on the same screen! Could you please fix this so no one else has to waste 34mins of their lives.
Sakura 5
Please make the app or at least the current update smaller. It's taking up alot of my tablet space. I have a Lenovo tablet 10. Oh well I got it now, ty guys. Btw my wolf is a black snow wolf named darkness, around lvl 40 (almost) has Android and accessories, is female, likes to do the tower.
Wolf 3
I mean don't get me wrong, i love the game, but i cant play it on my android tablet. On my android phone i can though, and its great. Goodish graphs, good controls, but i don't like how u have to have honor to go to the monster tower.
Issa 4
[Sorry for the long review. But I just had so many thoughts] Yeah, it's good. But the maps looks unfinished. So in my opinion I think you should add some more things to it to make it look like it live by it's name. (Like the jungle make more trees and some little rain drops even thought it's not a rain forest but still. And the mountain union make it MORE rocky, like the whole sever is a mountain jungle) Y'all know y'all have a chance to... "fix" more like "edit" the players list, right? The player list is still gonna be the same but more edit. (The player list is gonna have the picture of the wolf they are, the lvl# and banner, their name and, yeah. Their information.) When I'm in battle the computer enemies be cheating. Like I can't get away from them when I don't feel like fighting and they he having little lasers that be coming out of them. Please fix/remove that. (I was also thinking when your gun is reloading I was thinking about how we should have a "bite" attack also. But the bite attack should go with the gun your using. Like if my laser gun is 35, my bite attack is also 35.) I don't want to look the same as the other wolves. I want to be... diffrent. Like we should be able to edit our wolves. Like their eye color, hight, and head,body,tails sizes. The android is fine. There nothing I could say about it BUT...it should have a little picture some where it tells you "55% until health refill is coming" or something like that. The monster tower room should let you have more people in it, like 10 is the limit of people. And make it have 4 waves instead of 3 because there is 10 people. And the room a little bigger. You should be able to make your camera lock and make your buttons bigger. Then buttons are too small for the fat thumps I have and the camera keep moving. So yeah make that a choice we can have. And that's all for now. Thanks.
It's a pretty good online simulator if you love wolves and like to defeat enimies, or PvP. I just think its an interesting game. I love it!
I thing no one can not copy this 🎮 game
Hixie 2
Ok I changed my opinion. Please let us choose how many characters we want!!! Its not fair to have only one character!! Also at the monster town we want to go free! I miss those times...I GIVE 2 STARS UNTIL U SOLVE THIS PROBLEM!!!!!
Lailathewolf 1
Don't get me wrong 1games but can u just let us mod I can't do anything in the game like do upgrades so plz let us have mods thank u and PS I love that game can u just fix it plz
Kendra 1
It wouldn't let me play it. It said that I didnt pay for the app. And it went download. This is horrible please fix this


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