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By Happii Gamer Studios Inc. Category Role Playing

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Fight your way to become the ultimate gladiator in this epic new turn-based RPG.

Fight through five Chapters of constantly changing, randomly generated gladiators.

Buy, equip and use items as you compete to become the ultimate warrior.

Strategy is key to success in this mix of rogue-like and turn-based RPG mix.

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David 5
This game was one of the most fun games I've ever played perfectly balanced great mechanics, but after the new "bug fix" I can't even play. I was on the 5th arena and now every opponent is invisible and there is no text telling who's turn it is; it just freezes. Unfix the bug fix please. I had level 33 gear and I believe I was in the 20s? as a warrior, however none of this matters anymore because the bug was fixed. Thank you the rating has been changed.
Hardeep 1
I really liked the game so I decided to donate some money to get rid of ads. Well it turns out my device was having issues and so I got a replacement. I lost all my achievements, all the starting game items and my level 104 warrior even though it was linked to my Google account. Totally aggravated that they don't have cloudsave and that I lost all those achievements and starting items as well as my high level warrior.
Filipe 5
Awesome game. Only problem is that, after the last update, I can't improve my abilities, only learn new ones. (When I press learn on the ability, the log on the main screen update, but the modal doesn't close, and I don't think the action executes otherwise my gladiator would be very very op :D). I'm stacking tomes waiting for an update. But still, kudos to the developer for the brilliant game.
casey 3
great game.however, I keep having to start over because of some bug where I begin a battle and then it goes to tittle screen erasing my progress. pls sort it out as I'm getting tired of starting over.
Ali 3
This is a very great game that u can play in ur free time. Very well done to the developer. However i have encountered bugs and i cant progress any further. I am currently on arena 4, on the 4th battle. Whenever i defeat my opponent the game freezes, and when it is my opponent's turn the game also freezes. Also, i dont know whether this still isnt fixed as i havent tried it after the latest updates; the boss battles are too easy and i can defeat the bosses in one hit. Pls fix these bugs and i will give 5 stars:)
Darklore 4
This is a great game, and was challenging. Although, the new update was rather disapointing. I got to chapter 4 several times before the update, now i have trouble beating the 4th guy in chapter 1. The game turned into luck more than actual strategy. Some games i might get 2 skill books. While others i get none and am stuck with a warriors skill as a mage. The chance of stuns for enimies was also increased. Fighting the second enemy at full health to get 1 shotted by a crit and a bleed. Its just so random now.
Carlos 5
Extremely fun and well designed game. Maybe add more levels to it. P.S: before you could listen to music and now it always pauses my music, until fixed one star only.
Ryan 5
Genuinely one of my favourite games on here. I loved the references, gameplay. Very easy to kill some time with this app. If anything maybe some more customizability but other then that great little game.
Earl 3
It's an alright game.. had fun playing it and honestly love the setup and gameplay.. has one major problem which is the reason I'm deleting the game, there's a bug every so often I enter a fight and it instantly kills me and make me restart.. I was halfway through tier 2 this last time
Teh 4
Finished it about after like 15 or so attempts, my strategy to beat the game master is use the sleep spell then use the charge for power then use weakening spell after that hack and slash and when out of stam, just use sleep spell then rest for 1-2 turns, rinse and repeat, or you can use stamina potion to keep attacking/throwing stuff at it, after that it's pretty much impossible to kill you
Darrin 4
simple easy and fun. very time consuming. would be nice to heal NB after every fight without dying to critters but that's a personal problem.

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